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New England Vintage Chic: Vintage Decorating Ideas + Tips

Friday, January 11, 2013


Are you looking to mix-up your home decor and stay on budget?

Well, why not use vintage items to create a one-of-a-kind look! Take a trip to your local antique and thrift shop to find some ideas of your own.

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Vintage trunks


Vintage trunks add a touch of sensational to any room in your home. Perfect for storing items, while also creating an eclectic look. Use it for a coffee table or a side table in your bedroom. You can find vintage trunks in various places, such as your local antique stores, ebay, Craigslist or yard sales. 
Price: $50 - $200
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Vintage window sashes


Window sashes are fantastic to work with. You can find vintage window sashes at local antique stores, yard sales, and if you’re lucky, on the side of the road. Make them your own with a fresh coat of paint and by adding your photos into the window panes. Easy to add to any existing decor and never goes out of style. 
Price: $5 - $25 (Unless the size is substantial, do not pay over $25 for a window sash)
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Vintage window frame


The glass may be missing, but that is what makes these frames so unique. Hang them on the wall or place one on your mantle to create a vintage chic look. Place your photos, cards or other memorabilia in the empty window panes to make it your own. You can find vintage window frames at antique stores or maybe your parents or grandparents’ attic... You never know. 
Price: $3 - $25 (The one featured in the photo was $5) 
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Vintage boxes


Tin or wooden vintage boxes are the best. You can never go wrong with placing a vintage cheese or champagne box on your coffee table. These are decorative and useful, the perfect combo indeed. Since these are no longer made, they are truly original and not to mention, super cool.  
Vintage boxes are not easy to find. I got lucky and found vintage cheese boxes in the eaves of my attic. Your best bet is to head to your local antique or thrift store and start hunting. You can also try ebay.com or craigslist.org.
Price: $10 - $30
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Vintage mason jars


So many uses... so little time! Use vintage mason jars to store baking goods, buttons, cotton balls, ribbon, flowers and basically anything that fits into the jar. 
You can find mason jars for cheap. First try visiting your local antique or thrift store to find your own mason jars. Michael's Craft store also sells mason jars, however, they will not be vintage, but it’s a nice option if you can’t find vintage mason jars locally. 
Price: $0.50 - $4
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Vintage material


There is no better way to add flair to your home then adding a cheerful vintage material. Many vintage materials are heavy in pattern, so adding a bit into your home will mix it up a bit. You can purchase fabric at many local Savers. Buy a cool retro table cloth and if you don’t like it as a table cloth, get creative and make your own pillows or curtains out of the material.
Price: $5 - $30
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Vintage magazines


Vintage magazines are exceptional for decorating. They are original, stylish and a piece of history. Place the cover in a frame or pile them on your coffee table to construct a stylish design. You can find these at any local second-hand book store.
Price: $1 - $5
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Vintage vases


Looking for the perfect way to display flowers? Think vintage vases for a visionary display. Pick up a vintage vase at your local thrift store, such as The Goodwill or Savers. Most of the time there is an eclectic selection to choose from in the housewares section. Don't be afraid to make it your own by adding ribbon, material or buttons to the vase. 
Price: $1 - 8
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Top vintage shops


Don't miss my favorite top shops for vintage decor items:
Crompton Collective 
138 Green St.
Worcester, MA
The Goodwill
25 Park Ave
Worcester, MA
Salvation Army (Two Locations)
72 Cambridge St. - 508-799-0528
640 Main St. - 508-756-7191
Worcester, MA
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Taylor Kloss

Taylor Kloss lives for the hunt—to find that one-of-a-kind piece that no one else has and to put amazing outfits together on a tight budget. To share her passion with the world and encourage shopping at vintage, thrift and consignment stores, she blogs on New England Vintage Chic, a journey of her adventures, advice, styles, and reviews of local second-hand stores throughout New England.


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