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ALPHA MALE: Shopping Help for Divorced Guys

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


You'll be okay... we promise. How to take charge of your shopping if she's no longer there to do it for you.

Not long ago, we got a question from a recently divorced guy we thought was worth sharing. See if his story doesn't ring true.

I’m 38 years old and after being married for the past 9 years, recently went through a divorce. Previously, my wife did the shopping and picked out my clothes. Now I’m newly single, have lost a few pounds at the gym, and want to reinvent my look for the office. I work as a SVP at a private equity firm and need to dress the part. Can you please lend a hand?

Thanks for the help,


Peter, thanks for the question and I’ll give you some tips that will ensure your new clothing is an upgrade from the items purchased by your ex-wife. It is important to think about your job – what type of environment

are you in every day, how do you need to dress, and where do you go besides the office? As someone in a private equity firm, I’m assuming that you don’t need to wear a suit every day, but do need to look sharp. Additionally, we want to make sure you are able to go from the office to the pub with minimal change.

Some staple items for your new wardrobe.

Start with a solid sport coat; blue or black is fine. A nine month weight wool will ensure maximum usage.

Four pairs of wool year-round trousers to go with the blazer. Charcoal, gray, medium gray, light gray and tan are versatile color choices. Make sure these pants are tailored.

Get a few high-quality basic shirts. Get one crisp white shirt and a few different color variations such as blue, pink, purple and green. Checks, stripes, and patterns will complete the shirt collection.

Make sure you get a few working stiffs; the metal stays that go inside your collar area and use a magnet to hold the color down. Nothing looks dorkier than a flopping collar.

Get a few cool ties. The current trend sees thinner ties and permits a variety of fabrics as a way to distinguish yourself.

Make sure you stay away from penny loafers. Purchase a few pairs a shoes that have texture and style. Women notice a man wearing a cool pair of shoes.

Over the calf socks stay up when you cross your legs and don’t show your leg hair. Buy some cool patterned socks to add sophistication to your look.

Gator belts are smooth.

Last but not least, buy a few good coats. Buy utilitarian coats that you can wear for work or play.

Finally, stay away from the Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers look seen by everyone else in your office. Spend the extra money and get the quality in fabric and design that separates you from the rest of the businessmen in town. If you start dressing better, people will notice and you may not be single for long.

Marc Streisand is president and owner of Marc Allen Fine Clothiers, and takes the custom clothing business very personally. Having enjoyed a successful career in the clothing industry since 1985, Marc brings his clients extensive specialized experience in menswear. Prior to taking over the Marc Allen store in March 2005, he cultivated his knowledge of luxury male attire in New York and his home state of New Jersey, where he began his vocation at Wallach's Specialty Stores. Nothing gives him greater pleasure, he says, than seeing raw cloth transformed into a custom outfit that can directly impact his customer's lifestyle.


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