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15 Who Made a Difference in 2015: Fred Eppinger, Hanover Insurance

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Worcester takes a big hit in the near future with Eppinger leaving his post as CEO of Hanover Insurance. He stabilized and grew the company and simultaneously became a major philanthropic leader.

He was #1 on GoLocalWorcester’s 2015 list of the 25 Wealthiest and Most Infleuntial.

As GoLocalWorcester wrote this Fall:

Eppinger may be the most able chief executive in central Massachusetts. His leadership in growing Hanover Insurance and his activism in the community is unmatched.

The company is trading 33% higher in the past year.

Eppinger, a Holy Cross graduate, made more than $5 million in compensation in 2014 as CEO and President of Hanover Insurance. 

Eppinger also has $28 million in options through Hanover. Eppinger has been with Hanover since 2003 - when it was called Allmerica and had lost $306 million. Since then, Eppinger has turned Hanover around as a business and the company has donated millions towards the Hanover Theatre, Hanover Field, and UMass Memorial.

He oversees more than 5,000 employees.


Related Slideshow: 25 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit - 2015

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Secretly Pay it Forward

Standing in line at a local coffee shop waiting to order can be a long wait at times.

Make the day of the person behind you by secretly paying for their coffee. It will put a huge smile on their face, and on your face as well.

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Dress up as Santa

Grab a Santa costume and dress up as jolly old Saint Nick for an entire day.

During that day, visit friends and relatives with young kids or even a local mall to find out what is on everyone's Christmas list.

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Holiday Classics on TV

Tis the time of year when some of the best movies are back on television, holiday movies.

Be sure to check our local listings for movies such as Miracle on 34th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph and other timeless classics.

Then grab a big bowl of popcorn or any other favorite snack and enjoy.

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Holiday 5K Run/ Walk

Do a 5K Run or Walk and get friends and family to do it with you. Baby, it's cold outside, but bundle up and get some fresh air! Plus, you'll feel better about all you've been eating!

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Buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Go to your store an buy yourself the ugliest Christmas sweater that you can find and wear it around town.

Even better, wear it to  an ugly sweater party. Maybe you will win.

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Shop Local

Stay away from those big national chains and go to the local stores. The items you find will be just as good, if not better.

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Call long list friends. 

On the phone -- not a Facebook post, not a text. Let them hear your voice. Find a way to reconnect on a personal basis. Find out how they're doing.  Make plans to catch up in person. But whatever you do, remember, texting doesn't count!


Photo courtesy of Ken Banks/flickr

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Give Money to Salvation Army

Throw some money in the Salvation Army kettle. Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. The person who stands outside ringing the bell is often there for long hours. Even if it's just some change, smile at them and wish them a happy holiday.  

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Go Ice Skating

Find places to ice skate -- and better yet, try one you haven't gone to before. 

Or, in true winter fashion, skate on a frozen pond.

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New Holiday Recipes

Try new holiday recipes for the meal.Traditional turkey, ham, stuffing, and sides are good, but why not try something fun?

Click here for some cool holiday recipes.

Or for an even more extensive list of ideas, click here.

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Spend time with an elderly relative

The actual day when the family is around can be hectic.  Before then, go have a cup of tea, bring some cookies, and find out what holiday traditions they enjoyed.  Give the gift of time.

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Drop off an anonymous gift at your cranky neighbor's house

 A big tub of popcorn. An edible arrangement. Anything that might bring joy to someone who might need it -- play Secret Santa without all the office organization. 

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A Festivus for the Rest of Us

Watch the Festivus episode of Seinfeld.  Laughter is the best medicine, after all. 

Then when you finish the episode, be sure to celebrate Festivus on December 23rd.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Keefe/flickr

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Give to a family in need

From giving trees at churches, to Big Brothers Big Sisters, there are plenty of families in the community that could use your help to put a present or two under the tree for a child who might not otherwise get one.

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Take a day off to relieve the stress. 

Don't wait until the weekend when the lines -- and traffic -- are long and tiring.  Take a personal day during the week if you can. Get some shopping and wrapping done. 

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School or College Christmas Play

Go see Christmas play at a school or a college. The enthusiasm is infectious.

After seeing the play, you will be ready to get the holiday's started.

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Try a New Holiday Cocktail

Branch out your holiday cocktails -- eggnog is fine, but have you tried a Blue Xmas Margarita or a Chocolate Martini?

For some cool new holiday cocktail ideas, click here.

Photo courtesy of Webmink/flickr

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 Make gifts don't buy gifts.

Don't go to the crowded stores and buy gifts that are available any time of year, make your own gifts for friends and family members.

Maybe a cool photo collage or tickets for a service among other things.

Think of the stress you will save.

Need help? Click here for some cool gift ideas.

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Watch Home Alone

I'll give you 10 seconds to put Home Alone on.... 1, 2, 10..


Photo courtesy of s_herman/flickr

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Start thinking about your New Year's Resolutions

Don't wait until December 31 to promise you'll drink less and workout more. Take stock of your life, figure out what's important to you, and what you want to accomplish in the New Year

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Put new exterior decorations up. 

That bobbing reindeer you saw at the store?  An inflatable snowman?  Why not be the talk of the neighborhood.  Do something out of the ordinary. Add to the holiday cheer.  

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Sing Christmas Carols in Neighborhood

Get a group and go caroling in the neighborhood. Or have a sing along at someone's house if you've got friends who are musically inclined. Or just sing along to the radio in the car. Fine. 

Photo courtesy of D1v1d/flickr

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Dress your pet up and send it around. 

Reindeer ears are always good, but step your game up. Be that Facebook legend.

Photo courtesy of Jen/flickr

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Go to a holiday service

Don't wait until Christmas, get in the spirit of things ahead of the holidays. The sights, the sounds, the music -- if it doesn't make you think about the true meaning of things, try again the following weekend!

Photo courtesy of Marc Moss/flickr

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Find new cookie recipes

Cookies are big part of the holidays and while it's perfectly fine to use your favorite cookie recipes, be sure to try some new recipes as well.

Need some ideas? Check out the links below

100 Best Holiday Cookie Recipes

Christmas Cookie Recipes


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