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slides: 10 Creative Ways for Seniors To Keep Working

Friday, August 10, 2012


There is no question that not all Central Mass residents are ready--if able--to retire. And for older residents, job prospects can seem even more daunting. But don't lose hope! A recent study of corporate executives notes that "advancing age plays a significant role” in a manager's ability to tackle tasks with passion, vigor, and competence, with peak vitality at age 57. Harness those gifts out in the workforce, with the following set of creative ideas for Baby Boomers.


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Get Into Healthcare

Though some are worrying about the growth of the healthcare industry, there are definite reasons to be optimistic. Here are five strategies that prove healthcare is still a growth industry, including a need to hire new employees to help with continuity of care between different medical professionals.

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Try Consulting

Promote yourself by emphasizing your areas of expertise and find your niche. Connect with other Central Massachusetts consultants through LinkedIn. Get space to work around other professionals by renting a desk space.

Photo: Matthew Hurst
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Start a Company

The time is ripe for entrepreneurship. Take advantage of those contacts you've made through the years and tackle online social media like Twitter, Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, and blog sites. For those who like crafts, take advantage of the site dedicated to all things artsy, Etsy. 

Photo: Jef Nickerson
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Use Kickstarter

Speaking of kicking, look into starting a Kickstarter project. It's not a money-maker, but it is one of the more exciting ideas online. Those looking for a part-time, purely fun occupation might find unrealized funding through this wonderful platform. Project starters are by no means limited to youngsters. 

Photo: s_falkow
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Work Part-Time

Look for part-time and seasonal work with larger companies that offer benefits such as Whole Foods, which lists a formidable number of perks for workers who show their dedication. Starbucks, also an Equal Opportunity Employer, offers benefits to dedicated part-time employees as well. It just might be hard to find your way to work, as there are so many.

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Join the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps welcomes a diverse range of people and does not discriminate based on age--in fact, those who have special skills are especially competitive applicants. 

There is a regional office in Boston that can give Central Mass residents further help. They even make visits throughout the region during the summer months.

Photo: Peace Corps
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Go Back to School

Return to school to gain new expertise and skills. Several schools in Central Mass offer continuing education programs, including Assumption College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clark University.

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Regional Resources

Find SER National, which operates the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). A convenient Service Locator provides resources including an easy-to-use form for locating the nearest SCSEP program--yes, SCSEP is located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and many other states.

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Local Resources

You can also get Massachusetts-specific information by heading to the State Department's Office of Elderly Affairs.

Search there for job listings and employment opportunities.

Photo: Knight Foundation

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Leverage Your Strengths

If you enjoyed your former job, look into doing that kind of work on a part-time basis and ponder what exactly you liked. If you have a hobby that you do on the side, brainstorm ideas to start turning it into something more. Talk to your family and friends about what they're doing and get together to come up with some creative ideas. Join an online forum for discussion. Talk with people who know you well and make a list of your strengths, then think about how you might apply those in the real world. Remember to enjoy yourself!


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