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10 Ways to Look Hot in Worcester with Little Effort

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Exercise, laughter, learning, eating, and socializing are all ways to improve your self-esteem, your confidence, and your hotness. In Worcester, there are plenty of ways to improve all three things without having to try too hard.

SEE BELOW: 10 Ways to Look Hot in Worcester with Little Effort

GoLocal Worcester has put together ten ways to improve how hot you look in Worcester and where you can become hotter quickly.

From working out, attending a comedy show, hanging with friends, buying the right food, and dining at the right places, here is a list of ten ways you can look hot - even if you're not hot (but we think you are).

GoLocal Worcester's 10 Ways to Look Hot in Worcester with Little Effort:


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Buy a Cigar at Michael's Cigar Bar

Will Smith once said, "It's for the look, don't light it" and this is exactly the type of attitude we have here. Buy a cigar and hang out at Michael's Cigar Bar. 

You can light it if you want.

Address: 1 Exchange Place, Worcester

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Attend a Comedy Show at StageTime Comedy Club

Laughter is relaxing, stress-free and improves your self-confidence. And it increases your energy and vigor.

Let's hope you have a sense of humor - it's the only way this is going to work.

Address: 65 Water Street, Worcester (inside Canal Restaurant & Bar)

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Workout at Worcester Fitness

Everyone you know works out at Worcester Fitness. Literally (figuratively). This gym is a foundation in the city and it's a great place to rub elbows with the city's elite. They have two locations (Grove Street and Saint Vincent's) and have the highest quality equipment in the area.

You work out there - you get hot while getting hot...while getting hot.

Address: 440 Grove Street & 123 Summer Street, Worcester

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Buy Your Groceries at Living Earth

Time to eat healthy. It's the Summer. Best place to get some organic food in the Woo is the Living Earth on Chandler Street. You will feel better and hotter by just being in there. 

Imagine how hot you'll look walking out with healthy food? You care about your body suddenly!

Address: 232 Chandler Street, Worcester

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Attend Hot Yoga at Hot Power Yoga Center

Hot Power Yoga Center opened in December. They probably wouldn't call it Hot Power if there weren't hot and powerful people there. It's time to get in there and break sweat and pretend like you know what you're doing.

Flexibility is hot. Don't forget that.

Address: 1438 Grafton Street, Worcester

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Make it to Brunch at Armsby Abbey Regularly

Easily one of the best brunches in town. And also one of the classiest. Telling people you go to Armsby Abbey immediately bumps you up a few notches on the hotness index - actually going there makes you hot.

Address: 144 North Main Street, Worcester

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Dress Nice and Attend a Show at Hanover Theatre - Bring a Date

The best show in town and you can make it better by dressing to the quality that this place deserves. Set a new standard for yourself and bring a date, dress up nice, and experience something other than the bar scene. 

Address: 2 Southbridge Street, Worcester

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Sunday Funday at Flying Rhino

Post-up for hours on Flying Rhino's deck in the nice weather. Don't forget your Ray-Bans though. There's some great people watching here and you can work on your color. 

Address: 278 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester

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Visit NU Cafe or InHouse Coffee Daily

Have you seen the clientele in these places? Hot. Nearly as hot as their coffee, but not quite. 

Don't get burned - both sides of Worcester are giving you an opportunity to get a fancy coffee and mingle with the hot crowd.

Address: Nu Cafe: 335 Chandler Street, Worcester

InHouse Coffee: 225 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester 

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Go Running on Shrewsbury Street

WIth all the people saddled up at the patios and decks and outdoor dining on Shrewsbury Street, running up and down (three miles) in front of them will make you look hot for sure. Literally because you will be sweating, but also because hot people care about their bodies. 

But pace yourself.


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