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slides: EcoTarium Hosts Arm Fart Competition to Celebrate Gross Bodies

Monday, June 25, 2012


Worcester's EcoTarium hosted an arm fart competiton in conjunction with their Grossology exhibit, which celebrates the “(impolite) science of the human body,” which can be a weird, wonderful, and often nasty world.

The contest judges over a dozen youngsters (and one not-so-young contestant) on their ability to make the loudest, quickest, and most creative arm farts in ten seconds. The three different rounds saw three winners who each took home a golden whoopee cushion. Host, Alex Dunn, an educator at the museum, coached the kids through their competition.

The exhibit is based on the best-selling book, Grossology, and uses sophisticated animatronics and imaginative exhibits to tell you the good, the bad and the downright ugly about runny noses, body odor, and much more.

Julieane Frost, Manager of Communications and Marketing at the EcoTarium came up with the brilliant concept to get kids interested in the weird and sometimes disgusting world of anatomy.

The museum saw a successful turnout for the opening day, as children climbed the skin toned rock wall to learn about the intricate and often gross world right on our outsides.

The EcoTarium will be hosting their Too Gross Tuesdays from June 26 - August 28, at 12:30 p.m. Learn gross, but fascinating stuff about humans and animals in these weekly programs. Free with museum admission.

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Noise Pollution

The first part of the competition judged contestants on how loud they could go.

The arm fart competition had a great turn out of over a dozen eager children and their parents, who cheered them on.

Judges jotted down marks for the contestants, and winners in their three categories took home a special prize.

Contestants were offered to moisten their hands in with a wet sponge on the table -- the only help they got to make their bodily noise.

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Fast Farts

The EcoTarium's "youngest contestant" today showed other arm-farters how it was done back in the day and took part in the second phase of the competition. Judges tallied how many each could do in ten seconds.

The contest's host, Alex Dunn, commented on the "legacy of knowledge" this contestant could pass on.

"It's nothing you can do in school," he said, "But here, it's welcome."

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Get Creative

For the last segment of the competition, judges measured the contestants' creativity. They didn't have to be loud. They didn't have to be quick.

Points were given to the one with the most original style.

Some sang the alphabet or made beats, but Joshua, who won this part of the competition could make noise with his pits and his ears, which impressed the judges and announcer, Alex Dunn.

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The three young winners of the competition for their speed, creativity, and deafening arm fart skills each took home a golden whoopee cushion.

Nine-year-old Cara took home the prize for the loudest and said her arm fart skills aren't owed to practice. 

"It's a gift," she said.

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The arm fart competition was held in conjunction with the EcoTarium's Grossology exhibit which celebrated "the (Impolote) Science of the Human Body."

The exhibit features a skin tone rock wall where children can learn all about the intricacies and sometimes nasty bacterias on the skin.

Another section let participants see a peek into their insides with an x-ray, and their arcade-style game "Urine the Game" teaches all about our body's out door.

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Bizarre Bodies

A contestant from the arm fart competition look on at an animated section of the exhibit that teaches about another one of the body's less appealing features -- snot.

The exhibit hasn't been at the museum in seven years, and judging by the amount of eager learners and interest in the gross world of the human body, this season will be a success.


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Kimberly Roth

The "youngest contestant" participated in the "Most Creative" category! It not about speed but about "technique."

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