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Saturday, February 08, 2014


After an old bodybuilding picture of mine resurfaced last week, I discussed the details of contest preparation to a friend and told him of all the hard work and dedication it took to get there. All the heavy workouts, and the craziest, most restrictive diet you can ever imagine. He asked me if I could do it again. I told him I could, and could do it even better than I did in those days, because I know more and have evolved a lot since then. However, I told him I wouldn't because I would have to restructure my whole training concept. Then I started to think of all the changes I have made since then, and all the mistakes I made during those days, and how I was misled into thinking I was a picture of health. Let's rewind 15 years, and list what I thought was healthy and the reasons why I was wrong.

Learning From the Past

I owned a microwave back then, and now I won't eat or consume anything that has been heated or thawed in one. Not withstanding the health issues, I think anything cooked in a microwave tastes horrible. Parts are still cold, while others are scorching hot, and everything tastes like rubber. This is due to the electromagnetic radiation used to provide heat. This also denatures and kills most live nutrients in your food, so you are eating food as nutritious as cardboard, and if you reheat in plastic this causes the Xeno estrogens from the plastic to leach into your food, so now you are eating nutrient deficient food loaded with toxic estrogens. Not a good thing! If you doubt the concerns I raise, just Google “don’t use a microwave” and read and watch experts in nutrition and holistic health talk about their concerns. Use the stovetop with stainless cookware. It takes about the same time, or just a little longer, than a microwave and will be better for you.

Two more mistakes I was making: eating cheap tuna from a can and using artificial sweeteners. The mentality was to eat high protein, and minimize extra calories. I never thought about the BPA's in the can, or the high levels of mercury in the tuna, or the toxic nature of the sweeteners. Now, I do not buy or consume any canned goods, artificial sweeteners, or tuna. Buying fresh foods is more beneficial because the food is live, or has recently been so, and so are the nutrients and enzymes that our bodies need for growth and repair, and to keep our immune systems strong. I also only eat wild caught fish, such as salmon, striper, sea bass, halibut, and cod. Larger fish such as tuna, sword, and mako shark carry a higher concentration of toxins due to their position on the food chain. A lot of proof has been accumulating about eating these fish being tied to neurological disorders and problems with cognitive function. So you want to eat the smaller fish. Sardines, mackerel, and anchovies are the healthiest, but are not to everyone's pallet as tasty. As far as the sweeteners, not too many people are unaware of the health risks, so I won't be repetitive on this topic. To ignore the information that is universally agreed upon ends up being a personal choice – and in my opinion, one which would compromise a good diet moving in the right direction.

Another big mistake I was making was buying meat and other food from big discount stores. You know, the ones that sell tires and food in the same store? When you pay discount prices, you get inferior goods. The larger the scale, the lower the quality. Think about it. Can a small organic farmer give the same care to 100 animals as it gives to 1500 animals? Absolutely not. Is the food on a cruise ship with 2500 people on board as good as a small local restaurant that seats 30? Again the answer is no. I have learned over the years that it is rare to find a discount on quality items, from food to tools. Therefore I only purchase my food from quality markets, and only eat free range and grass fed meats and poultry. It is better for you, for the small farmer, and the environment.

I also subscribed to the fat free craze, eating fruity fat free yogurt, ice cream, cookies, and baked potato chips. Now I know that anything with a label that states: fat free/ no sugar/ vitamin enriched/low calorie/high fiber, is a bunch of processed over-marketed garbage. When you eat something packaged, the less ingredients the better, and if you can't read the label - don't eat it. Fat is better than the cheap fillers and chemicals they put in its place, and fat lowers the glycemic index on foods, making them more sustainable, and available to be broken down in the body as nutrients, so when they process yogurt by removing the fat, and add fruit with high fructose corn syrup, it makes it a high glycemic food, making the consumer fatter and fatter, and more and more insulin resistant, and closer to obesity, and diabetes. Not an ideal place for you to be. Eat snacks with ingredients you can read like: peanuts/dates/salt or potatoes/salt/oil (real organic chips). Less is better, and you will see and feel the difference.

A Little Older, but Much Wiser

Back then obesity and other diseases were less than half as prevalent as it is today. I made these changes as soon as I knew the difference, and here I am 15 years later, healthier and fitter with more endurance than I have ever had, with my blood labs and hair analysis tests all being ideal, which leads me to believe that I am correct on these matters. Remember people, knowledge is power, and it took me a lot of education and research to find this stuff out. Now I am giving it to you first hand, in concentrated form. It is up to you to make the change. I changed, and I was enough of an authority then that people asked me for advice. I still knew more than most, but not enough. You now know enough to make a change. If you care about yourself you will make it. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

My definition of insanity: when you keep doing something over and over, expecting a certain response, and the results never change in a positive way, but keep getting worse. Stop the insanity, and live!! 

Matt Espeut has worked as a personal trainer for almost 20 years with clients ranging in age from 14 to 86. His focus is on overall health, strength, and functional conditioning. Holistic health and nutrition is the cornerstone of all his programs. Matt works in private and small group training available at your home or office location or at gym facilities. Matt offers his services to everyone wanting to be more fit and healthy, overweight young people, youth/collegiate athletes, and seniors. Matt has worked and continues to train at several facilities in the Providence area including Gold's Gym and CORE Studio, and he believes continued education is a must in his field. Email Matt: [email protected], check out his website at www.fitnessprofiles.net or on Facebook at Matt Espeut or on Twitter @MattEspeut.


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The Core Connection

The Core Connection in Northborough offers so much more than a traditional yoga studio. They’ve got yoga, which creates a union between mind, body and soul; Pilates for a strong core; and cardio/fusion to help you burn calories and kick fat to the curb. This studio is also perfect for teen girls; they have a special class just for teens that promotes self confidence, posture, flexibility and strength.

 290 West Main Street, Northborough, MA. (508) 393-8086.

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Bikram Yoga Auburn

For a twist on traditional yoga, visit Bikram Yoga Auburn. Bikram Yoga is a type of yoga that includes 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It is practiced in a heated room, and is one of the most challenging—and effective—exercise programs in the world. Bikram Yoga Auburn is the perfect place to get in on the action. Check out their Early Bird Special: 6 at 6! Enjoy their Monday-Friday 6 am class for only $6.

567 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA. (508) 832-YOGA.

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Metrowest Yoga

Metrowest Yoga offers two convenient locations so that you can have close access to the practice of yoga wherever you are. To make things better, Metrowest literally has a class perfect for anyone. Choose from kids classes for mini yogis, open meditation sessions, power hours for fat burning and strength building, and classes for total beginners.

69 Milk Street, Westborough, MA. (508) 366-5025.

32 Millbrook Street, Worcester, MA. (508) 752-1533.

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C. Mass Yoga & Wellness

West Boylston’s Central Mass Yoga & Wellness offers a unique program to anyone who wants to help combat post traumatic stress disorder and combat stress: Yoga Warriors International. The mission of this program is to use the calming properties of the practice of yoga to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD and COSR. Other programs include hot yoga to soothe the muscles, healing yoga designed for those who have experienced loss, and more.

45 Sterling Street, West Boylston, MA. (508) 835-1176.

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Earthsong Yoga

On Saturday, January 11, take a trip to Earthsong Yoga in Marlborough for the Earthsong Yoga Open House! Enjoy free yoga and a massage from 9 am-1 pm and see what Earthsong is all about. Learn about their special pre-natal yoga classes for expecting moms, family classes including stories or guided meditation, children’s classes, and Evening Flow classes to prepare you for bed.

186 Main Street, Marlborough, MA. (508) 251-9620.

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Wellness Works

Wellness Works Yoga & Healing Arts is the perfect place to start yoga later in life. Wellness Works is dedicated to sharing the practice and art of yoga with Worcester’s seniors, although people of all ages are invited and encouraged to join. Try yoga classes ranging from Rise and Shine morning classes to meditation sessions and more. Also, enjoy healing massage techniques like Reiki, reflexology, and polarity.

128 Providence Street, Worcester, MA. (508) 330-4258.

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Auburn Yoga & Pilates

Find inner-peace and fight fat at Auburn Yoga & Pilates Center. Try out the Community Pilates class for only $5 on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. complete with spinning classes, family classes, pre-natal classes, and more. Even better: Auburn Yoga & Pilates Center offers special pricing for college students!

889 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA. (508) 832-8177.

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Flowforms Yoga

At Flowforms Yoga, you can try before you buy. Your first class—any class—is free! If you find that you want more, Flowforms also has a new student special: 5 classes for only $50. Explore Body Mechanics classes that will aid in body awareness, traditional Indian Yoga, Yoga for Birth (designed for couples), and several other great workshops and classes offered at the studio.

195 Lake Avenue, Worcester, MA. (508) 752-4700.

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State of Grace

If you are looking for a one-stop shop to renew your body and your mind, look no further than State of Grace Yoga and Wellness Center in Uxbridge. Stop by to take part in level-specific or mixed level yoga and meditation classes. New students can take advantage of their 40 for 30 offer: $40 for 30 days of completely unlimited yoga.

104 E. Hartford Avenue, Uxbridge, MA. (508) 278-2818.

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Every Body Balance

If you are like the many people searching for balance in their life, why not give Every Body Balance in Southborough a try? This unique studio uses the serenity of a yoga mindset and the body benefits of Pilates to craft great classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Strength and Flexibility Yoga for Every Body and Candle Light Yoga are favorites.

155 Boston Road, Southborough, MA. (508) 485-8585.


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