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slides: Food Truck Festival Stops in Worcester

Monday, July 16, 2012


Food Truck Festivals of New England made a stop in Worcester during its tour, bringing gourmet food to Elm Park on Saturday. Lines for some trucks took over an hour, but patrons were willing to wait it out for such a unique, delicious opportunity.

Grilled cheese, lobster, Vietnamese sandwiches, pulled pork, and ice cream sandwiches were just some of the delicacies featured at the festival and thousands came out to get their fill, despite the heat.

Don't miss the next festival for foodies. The company is scheduled to make stops in Brighton, Lowell, Falmouth, East Boston, Hingham, Framingham, and Newport, RI. If you missed this round, they will still be in the area.

Check out our slideshow of the gourmet goodies and picturesque food trucks that made a pit stop on Park Ave. next to Elm Park.

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Trendy Trucks

Food Truck Festivals of New England brought seventeen specialty food trucks to Park Ave, closing the street down to the delight of foodies all over Worcester.

Across the nation, the trend of food trucks is growing, raising intrigue wherever they go.

Many of the trucks at the Worcester festival were Boston-born, sharing their Lobsta Love, clam chowder, and  fried dough  with the Heart of the Commonwealth... or the stomach.

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Away Cafe

Away Cafe brought goodies from Weymouth, serving up sandwiches, pulled pork, and these delicious Thai basil wings.

Another Asian-inspired truck, Bon Me, brought vegan and vegetarian options rolling into the Elm Park area with their soba noodle salad and tofu and mushroom sub, served Vietnamese style with a smear of liver pate.

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Flour Girls

If you were in the mood for something sweet on Saturday, you were in luck.

The Sweet Truck, run by the Flour Girls offered up delicious baked cookies and goodies right from their tiny mobile kitchen.

The dessert experts give your neighborhood ice cream truck a run for its money, even on the hot summer day.

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Taste of Texas

Tired of the lobsta, chowdah, and seafood? Gabi's Smoke Shack delivered the goods, serving up pulled pork every way you can imagine.

Their pulled pork taco got rave reviews from food truck festers, and their homestyle food couldn't be beat.

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Hell Melt

If you were looking for a way to beat the heat, Grilled Cheese Nation, was serving up a super hot sandwich for only the bravest of pallets.

Lines for the food truck were about an hour for the entire festival, and patrons were willing to make the wait.

Grilled Cheese Nation's Hell Melt, filled with ghost chilies, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese had foodies sweating.

The mobile kitchen also offered other delicious options including the Blue Man Goo -- blue cheese, fig spread, and balsamic.

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Trucks Galore

The food truck festival came with tons of options for any food lover, and if you're looking to attend one of the Food Trucks of New England fests anytime soon, make sure you leave plenty of room. Eating your way around the smorgasbord is tougher than it looks.

The festival brought thousands of patrons from all over the area, so don't miss out if one is stopping by your area this summer.

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Trolley Dogs

What says summer better than hot dogs? And who makes them better than Trolley Dogs? The truck was serving up seasonal favorites with all the fixings.

Samples and full meals were available, and Italian ice for those who needed a way to stay cool.

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Monsta Lines

Visitors lined up outside the Cookie Monsta truck for a taste of something sweet. The freshly baked cookies were irresistible, but if you were in the mood for something cold to go with them, Frozen Hoagies was the way to go.

The ice cream sandwich purveyor from Medford brought homemade ice cream sandwiched between two gigantic cookies.

Don't miss this truck and all the great other options next time they're in your town!


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