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Good Is Good: 10 Things I Love About My Wife

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Tom Matlack is the former CFO of the Providence Journal and is the founder of The Good Men Project, a non-profit charitable corporation based in Rhode Island and dedicated to helping organizations that provide educational, social, financial, and legal support to men and boys at risk.

Okay guys, here’s my list. What’s yours?

1. On the phone, she calls even relative strangers “Honey.”

2. The girl knows how to DANCE. I’m talkin’ get out of the way because the Soul Train is comin’ on through.

3. My wife is impossible not to like. She lights up a room with warmth and grace.

4. Let’s just say when she walks down the street, heads turn.

5. She’s obsessed with helping children—whether at our son’s school or at Perkins School for the Blind.

6. She refuses to let me stay in my man cave. I have literally learned how to socialize like a civilized human being by following her lead.

7. Loyalty is a religion with her. People trust her with their secrets because they know she will protect them with her life.

8. She is tough. Did I say Italian and lawyer? On a matter of principal she will not back down. Ever.

9. Travel is in her blood. Left to my own devices I might not leave a one square block region of Massachusetts. But every time we take a trip I have a blast.

10. Holding her at night is a sacred ritual that makes my heart slow and body relax with the knowledge that I am home.

For more of Tom's works, as well as other pieces on related topics, go to The Good Men Project Magazine online, here.


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