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COLLEGE GUIDE: Late Night Binge Eating Spots

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Is that the sun going down or just coming up? You never know at the Boulevard Diner, which is open 24/7.

Sometimes in college, for reasons we don’t need to get into, a long time may elapse between dinner and sleep; or, in the worst case scenario, we may miss dinner completely. It is in these circumstances, as the clock ticks towards 10, 11, 12 or later, that an awful craving for food is almost inevitable; and, being on a college budget, food may not be readily available in your dorm room or apartment. But thanks to the

restaurants and diners below, you don’t need to panic. In fact, you may find yourself staying up really late on purpose.

The Sole Proprietor

The Sole Proprietor has the best late night deals around. All items (and there are a lot of them) on the late night menu including sushi, various lobster and pasta concoctions, succulent desserts and much more, are only $6 in the bar area from 10 pm to 1 am on Thursday, 11 pm to 1 am on Friday and Saturday, and 9 pm to 1 am on Sunday. The acclaimed restaurant has some of the best and highest quality seafood in the city and getting it for only $6 is truly an incredible deal. 118 Highland St, Worcester. 508-798-3474. www.thesole.com


Bocado has become a Worcester favorite. This authentic Spanish tapas and wine bar is open until 2 am nightly, serving food until 1 am. It was the first restaurant of its kind in the city. This place is particularly great for a couple who may decide to have a late night romantic dinner or a group of friends who may want to enjoy a classy late evening filled with wine and mouth-watering Spanish cuisine. Both groups and couples can take advantage of the “Bocado Experience” in their own way. 82 Winter St, Worcester. 508-797-1011. www.bocadotapasbar.com

Boulevard Diner

The Boulevard Diner is a rare gem of a restaurant. First, it has been serving the Worcester community for an amazing 75 years. Second, it is somehow open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Moreover, it gives you the option to have breakfast all day and night if you want to think a little outside the box when you get your late night cravings. But there are always the lunch and dinner classics as well. 155 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester. 508-791-4535.

Road Runner Pizza

Road Runner Pizza is open seven days a week until 2:30 am because they must know good pizza is the number one food choice for all nocturnal college students. This pizza joint offers great pizza at terrific prices. But that’s not all. They also sell subs, wraps, calzones, various Italian dishes, appetizers, and special gourmet pizzas as well. 3 Hamilton St, Worcester. 508-797-0314. www.road-runner-pizza.com

Mai Tai Bar and Sushi

Combining Sushi and a sports bar? What will they think of next? Go out and get some sushi and or other Asian delicacies until 1 or 1:30 am and at the same time catch the West Coast games being aired on one of the restaurant and bar’s many HDTV televisions. The bar is open until 2 am. 69 Green St, Worcester. 508-751-5900.

Via Italian Table

It is not surprising that the Sole’s Italian sister, Via, has a very similar late night deal to her seafood sibling. From 10 pm to 12 am Monday through Thursday, 11 pm through 1 am Friday and Saturday, and 9:30 pm through 12 am all specified food items on the bar menu are only $6. This may include any number of delectable, authentic Italian dishes or perhaps just a burger or some wings. 89 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester. 508-754-4842. www.viaitaliantable.com

Wings Over Worcester

It is rather shocking that Wings Over has not become a major multinational fast food conglomerate that rivals the likes of McDonalds, considering how many college students in Worcester decide to order wings for delivery every night. Whether one is hungry after a night of partying or because one is too busy studying to cook dinner, Wings Over Worcester is the perfect choice. There are 19 flavors to choose from, including five different styles of Buffalo depending on your pain tolerance. Wings is open for delivery until 1 am Sunday through Wednesday and until 2 am Thursday through Saturday.1 Kelley Sq, Worcester. 508-421-9464. wingsover.com

The Flying Rhino Café

The Flying Rhino is a nice little restaurant, open until 2 am on the weekend, 1 am on Thursdays and 12 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Come enjoy some late night food from a menu that includes various chicken, fish and Asian dishes as well as your classic burgers, wraps and other sandwiches. You can order online or by phone for takeout, hop on over and get back to your dorm room in no time unless you want to stay and take in the fun and joyful atmosphere. 278 Shrewsbury St, Worcester. 508-757-1450. www.flyingrhinocafe.com

Fastway Pizza

This tasty little pizza joint is open until 1 am Sunday through Thursday and until 2:30 am Friday and Saturday and offers delivery or take out if one is on the move. In addition to pizza, the place also sells wings, cinnamon sticks, breadsticks and French fries among other items. It also offers a number of special limited time deals one may wish to take advantage of on a tight college budget. 84 West Boylston St, Worcester. 508-852-2300. www.fastwaypizza.com

Wonder Bar Restaurant

Wonder Bar Restaurant offers the best pizza in the city. It is not open as late as some other places in town (only until 11 pm Tuesday through Saturday), but as we have said earlier, pizza and late night go hand in hand. 10 pm and 11 pm are certainly still past dinner time and your stomach will be growling if you missed the meal. Order some quick take out and you will not be disappointed. There are also various soups, salads, sandwiches and pasta dinners for purchase. 121 Shrewsbury St, Worcester. 508-752-9909. wonderbarrestaurant.net


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