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Organize + Energize: 7 Ways to Avoid Distractions & Stay Focused

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Getting distracted and losing focus are 2 of the biggest reasons most organizing projects fail.  Most will say it’s their ADD kicking in, but sometimes it’s just that you don’t have a plan in place to tackle the project and you don’t prepare ahead of time. Start with a plan and a vision and map it out on paper. Releasing some of the mental clutter will help you proceed with this project.

Check out these 7 tips to avoid distractions:

Schedule your project. Marking your project on the calendar will allow you to plan ahead and get ready for the task at hand.  Schedule it just as you would an appointment. 

Disconnect. I know this may sound difficult, but in order for you to focus, you’ll need to not check your social media or email.  If you must, let people know you won’t be available for a few hours. The world will not collapse, trust me. 

Remove other distractions. Things like checking your phone, tending to a crying baby, or talking to your spouse are all distractions that will pull you away from the task at hand. Remember to also turn off the TV. The minute you hear an interesting tid bit, you’ll stop to watch and then an hour later, you’ve noticed that nothing has been accomplished.  

Don’t leave the room. The minute you leave the room, you’ll get distracted and lose focus. You’ll also waste energy bouncing around the home. Leave a bin outside of the room and place items in the bin that need to be moved to other areas. Disburse those items once you’re through with your project. 

Make quick decisions.  Don't spend too much time deciding whether to keep something. If you can't decide, put it in a maybe pile and keep moving. The longer you take to decide, the more likely you’ll get distracted and lose focus. 

Don’t reminisce. If you’re organizing paper, try not to read full articles or get started in reading magazines. Rip out articles that are important to you and move on. It's ok to reminisce with sentimental items, but don't let it zap your time. Decide whether to keep or toss and then move on. You can reminisce when you’re through. 

Set a time limit. Try to limit your project to 3 hours. If it will take you more than that, schedule a lunch break in between. If you organize more than 3 hour straight, you’re setting yourself up for burnout and stress. If you’re not up for 3 hours, start with one and then move on from there, but the key is to set a time limit. 

Without distractions, your project will take you half the time. You’ll have finished with more energy and you’ll be excited to tackle more projects. 

Kristin Carcieri-MacRae, is an organizing & efficiency expert and owner of Organizing in RI. Kristin teaches her clients that living an organized lifestyle will save them time and money, decrease their stress levels and help them become more efficient and productive. Her articles have been published in local and national magazines. She has also given over 70 presentations throughout the state. Watch Kristin LIVE every Thursday at 3pm here on GoLocal LIVE with Molly O’Brien.


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