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Summer Full of Fun Planned at Worcester’s EcoTarium

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The EcoTarium Bubbles! exhibit lets children learn all there is to know about bubbles in a fun and interactive way.

This summer will be full of curious adventures at the EcoTarium. In addition to the museum's signature summer exhibit, Alice's Wonderland, which takes visitors, young and old, on a fascinating journey down the rabbit hole, the EcoTarium has announced it will be introducing two new interactive, outdoor experiences, Imagination Playground and Play on the Plaza, both of which will open on June 22.

The first child-friendly outdoor exhibit, Imagination Playground, is a mobile play system made up of big blue blocks in many unique shapes and sizes. Children use the blocks and their imaginations to create an infinite variety of objects, animals, vehicles, places, settings, games, etc.

"The activity is completely child-directed and open-ended, allowing kids to use their imaginations to build an endless variety of creations. Imagination Playground encourages children to use their creativity, to work collaboratively with each other, to solve problems, and be physically active," says Julieane Frost, Manager of Communications and Marketing for the EcoTarium.

Play on the Plaza

The second outdoor experience, Play on the Plaza, allows the EcoTarium's sundial plaza to take on a different role this summer, featuring three different exhibits that are both fun and educational for the whole family.

This interactive area will feature Bubbles!, an exhibit that lets kids of all ages experiment with bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

"Visitors experiment with how bubbles are formed, the colors they produce, and their amazing properties. And while having fun making all those bubbles, people learn about such things as surface tension, evaporation and light reflection," remarks Frost.

In addition, the Koala Walkabout Maze, a fun, interactive journey where kids learn about koalas & their Australian environment, will be open, containing three separate "experience galleries." The galleries include: the Koala Room, the Marsupial Room, and the Eucalyptus Room. Each is filled with informational signs, puzzles, flip door quiz panels, and hands-on interactives.

The Tube-A-Phone, a hands-on musical sculpture containing organ-like pipes, that blends art and music, is the third exhibit. Musical tunes can be made by blowing into the pipes or banging on them with flip-flops.

Play on the Plaza is presented by The Hanover Insurance Group. Imagination Playground is brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health.

The EcoTarium: Enjoyable and Educational

The purpose of these EcoTarium exhibitions, in perfect alignment with the greater mission of the museum, is to make education interactive and enjoyable for all involved.

"The EcoTarium’s mission is 'to contribute to a better world by inspiring a passion for science and nature through discovery.' These exhibits, along with all of the other exhibits at the EcoTarium, are designed to help us achieve our mission," remarks Frost

"Knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is so important today in our country, and around the world. We need a workforce that is skilled in, and decision-makers who are informed about, STEM subjects. When we make learning about science and nature fun and engaging, and give families positive experiences here, then we have a good chance of igniting the passion that could ultimately lead to a better world. If a child learns to love science by making bubbles or grows up to become an engineer by building with big blue blocks, we’ve done our job!"

In addition, the EcoTarium's Tree Canopy Walkway will be open daily, beginning on Tuesday, June 25 (until then it is open weekends only). Also keep your eye out for other special events coming up at the museum, including a Birthday Party for Siegfried and Curiouser and Curiouser Thursdays.

For more information on these and other events click here.


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