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slides: The Ultimate Central Mass Blizzard Survival Kit

Friday, February 08, 2013


A blizzard is headed to Central Mass and by all reports it looks to be a doozy. Some weathermen are saying our area could get up to two feet of snow.

The snow is expected to start with the wind howling sometime on Friday, and after that it's going to be quite difficult  to get out of your house for a good 24 hours.

But no need to fear! GoLocal has compiled a list of things that will help you survive this latest winter storm.

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If you're going to be cooped up inside all day, why not get your hands on a good book and read the day away? The storm will be over before you know it. Stop by the Worcester Public Library or a small bookstore like Boucher's Good Books.

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If you and your kids absolutely have to get out of the house, and  you're lucky enough live close to a good sledding hill (one you can walk to of course so you don't have to drive), now would be the best time to break out that sled and head for the slopes.

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Hot Chocolate and Sweets


There can always be exceptions to a diet and a blizzard seems like as good as any. Make sure you have some nice warm hot chocolate and perhaps  a cupcake or two at your disposal. Sweets Bakery and a number of other places have a great selection.

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Puzzles and Games


If your family is getting a little anxious as the time passes, get them active by pulling out some fun puzzles or games. Great board games come a dime a dozen, and Worcester is very lucky to have Bob Armstrong who restores and sells old puzzles. His son Conrad also makes and sells jigsaw puzzles.

Photo courtesy of Bob Armstrong

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Beer and Wine


You might as well take a load off and relax as you watch the snowflakes whimsically fall and pile up at your door step for future shoveling. Crack open a nice cold beer or sip on some tasty wine perfect for the winter. Head down to one of Worcester's many liquor stores like Austin or Big Bob's. Or grab some locally brewed beer from the Wormtown Brewery.

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Candles and Firewood


You must be prepared for the worst case scenario. If the power goes out, make sure you have some candles, preferably scented, ready to light the way and some firewood to keep your home warm if need be. Perhaps you have some left over candles from the holiday season? Check out Professional Tree Co. for firewood. They also may come in handy if the wind causes any tree damage in your yard.

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Blankets and Cozy Wear

If your house starts to get a little chilly or for when you have to make the trek out to your driveway to start shoveling, make sure you have some cozy clothing essentials to keep you comfortable. You  can always wrap yourself up in a warm blanket as well. Find anyone of these products at cheap prices at any one of these fine establishments

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Everyone feels the need to stock up on bread right before a big storm. After all, it can be used in so many tasty concoctions if you need to make something quick and easy. In may seem like a boring choice but it doesn't need to be. Spice up your bread search and stop by one of these great ethnic markets in Central Mass.

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Soup and Stew

Run on down to Spoodles or Z-Cafe on Main Street to get some nice hot soup before the storm really hits. And though it's not Thanksgiving, some of these hot food recipes might come in handy. Why not hone your chef skills while you're stuck at home?

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Milk is another necessity if you're trapped inside your house, being an essential ingredient for so many meals, not to mention in coffee and tea for many. Hopefully you'll be able to find some fresh milk from local dairy farm's like Jordan in Rutland.


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