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If Patrick Becomes US Attorney General - See How the Cards Fall

Monday, November 12, 2012


The biggest rumor working Washington, D.C. is that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will take over as U.S. Attorney General. The tenure of Eric Holder is expected to come to an end, and the appointment of Patrick helps the President in a number of ways. First, the President would be assured of a loyal Attorney General. Second, Patrick's corporate experience could help the President if he tries to go after the Big Banks during his second term or if he decides to repair his relationship with them. In either case, Patrick knows the Wall Street game.

Third, Patrick gives the President a talented politician who can work with Congress, especially with Senate Democrats.

The appointment of Patrick would trigger a collapse of the house of cards and set off a political frenzy of activity ranging from the Kennedy compound to Worcester to Boston City Hall. Take a look at which cards could get played in the fallout. 

According to Newser, "Obama is trying to find a place for Deval Patrick, and he's the frontrunner for attorney general—a job he also held under Bill Clinton. Janet Napolitano is interested too, but she's also considering running for Senate—and could be a Supreme Court pick."

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Worcester's Own

Lt. Governor Tim Murray gets the nod if Patrick goes to Washington, but the big question is can he convince Democrats that he can handle the job and avoid the ever-looming fallout from his accident and ties to other politically charged issues.

Historically, Weld to Cellucci to Swift worked well for the Republicans until Romney smelled blood and nudged Jane Swift and her helicopter off to the side.

If Murray gets a shot, he will have to look Gubernatorial fast and demonstrate a real ability to raise money.

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Return of the GOP

Scott Brown lost his Senate seat, but he did not lose his likeability and his reputation.

He might be better suited for the Governor's office, and Bay Staters have a history of electing moderate Republicans to keep an eye on that Democratic legislature.

Brown is likeable, can raise money, and many voters may feel like they owe Scott one.

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Return of Swifty

Jane Swift got pushed aside by Mitt Romney more than a decade ago, but she is still a big player in the Republican Party.

She would be a great foil to a candidate like Murray. 

Still active in education reform issues, the Trinity College-educated mother of three girls would be an interesting "fresh face" for the GOP.

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Grossman would jump

Steve Grossman's goal is not to be Treasurer - make no mistake about it. He is waiting for his time, and the chance to be Governor would be so sweet.

The former Democratic Chair has deep national and D.C. experience. Critical to running for Governor, Grossman can raise the money to run -- and fast.

While he is trying to look like a populist, he still has a "likeability issue."

If he sees Murray as the only obstacle, he will jump in a minute.

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Power Broker

Anne Finucane is a strong player in the Boston power circle. She is head of Global Strategy and Marketing for Bank of America by day and a Boston Power Player by night.

Her husband, Mike Barnicle, is the co-host to MSNBC's Morning Joe.

Moreover, her mother was a cousin to the iconic "Tip" O'Neil.

The only downside: Bank of America on her resume.

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Kennedy for Gov

The former Congressman and heir to the Kennedy throne is still trying to recover from a number of high-profile faux pas personal events.

But the name, the organization and the fundraising machine makes Kennedy a legitimate candidate for most any office.

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Ed Markey has served in Congress since 1976, leading the Massachusetts Delegation in tenure.

When the Democrats are in the majority, the job is a lot more rewarding. What would be a better cap on his career then a stint as Governor?

Malden raised, a Boston College grad and a national fundraising machine, Markey has more than $3 million in cash on hand according to his most recent FEC report.

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Return of Coakley

Still stinging from her embarrassing loss to Scott Brown in 2010, Coakley is now trying to prove her mettle with her pursuit of the Tim Cahill case.

A win in the case makes her relevant, but a loss will define her as political and petty.

As Attorney General, Coakley has a platform, but she will need to convince Democratic leaders that the Brown race was an aberration.


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Stephen Quist

Lt Governor Murray will make a great Massachusetts Governor and lead this state forward.
Murray has the foresight and vision to better position Massachusetts for the economic future and the new world economy while positioning our state at the headwaters of economic development and industry.

Iron Mike Farquhar

As you might guess, I see it differently...

With Duh-val as AGUS – there will be buses running illegals up to Massachusetts from the Mexican border. Union driven of course.

Tiny Tim's first act will be to visit the State Police crime lab – to watch the destruction of a certain black box.

Then we'll enjoy watching the MassDems [aka the Free Stuff Party] scramble over each other like lobsters in a tank to see which ones are the most tainted and most ethically challenged.

Plumb pudding for all! Tiny will need a new assistant, and soon Lurch will depart to fill Hillary's pantsuit. It will be like Musical Chairs!

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