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A $15/Hour Wage for Fast Food Workers Could Impact 25,000 People in Central MA

Friday, July 24, 2015


On Wednesday it was announced that fast-food workers in New York City would begin earning $15 per hour beginning in 2018.

By 2021, fast-food workers across the state of NY would all earn $15/hour.

The current minimum wage in Massachusetts is $9.00 per hour. By 2018, the minimum wage in the Bay State will be $11/hour.

SEE SLIDES BELOW: The 25 Highest-Paying Jobs in Worcester

This past June, following months of negotiation, personal care attendants in Massachusetts received an hourly wage increase to $15/hour that will be put in place in July 2018 following several incremental raises over the next three years.

According to the National Employment Law Project, in Massachusetts legislation is being prepared to pass for a $15/hour wage for large fast-food chain workers and retail employees.

“I’ve long been a proponent of efforts to ensure that hard working members of our community are paid a fair wage,” said State Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury). Moore, a member of the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, petitioned for Bill S.1024 -  titled “An Act to Establish a Living Wage for Employees of Big Box Retail Stores and Fast Food Chains.

"This legislation is restricted to large-scale employers with over two hundred employees, and would be gradually phased in over a three year period," Moore added.

The legislation, being brought forward by Senator Dan Wolf (D-Harwich) and State Representative Steve Ultrino (D-Walden), will stagger the wage increase from $12 in 2016, $13.50 in 2017, and $15 in 2018.

The bill reads, “It is hereby declared to be against public policy for any employer to employ any person in an occupation in this commonwealth at an oppressive and unreasonable wage (less than $10 an hour)...of less than $12.00 per hour shall conclusively be presumed to be oppressive and unreasonable... A wage of less than $10.00 per hour, in any other occupation...shall conclusively be presumed to be oppressive and unreasonable... unless the commissioner has expressly approved or shall expressly approve the establishment and payment of a lesser wage...Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, in no case shall the minimum wage rate be less than $.50 higher than the effective federal minimum wage rate.”

25,000 Could Benefit from Wage Increase

“As the cost of groceries, health care and rent continue to rise, it’s important that workers be provided with adequate compensation to help ensure these basic needs are met," said Senator Moore. 

According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, roughly 25,000 individuals in Central Massachusetts could benefit from the increase in the minimum wage - including nearly 10,000 retail workers and more than 5,000 people working at fast-food chains (not including management, cooks, dishwashers, cashiers, etc.).

A fact sheet from wageaction.org reads, “A state economy works best for everyone when all working people are able to meet their basic needs. This economic security depends on access to good paying jobs. Currently in Massachusetts, a full-time worker in Massachusetts earning the minimum wage makes only $18,720 a year. It would take her 507 years to earn as much as the CEO of McDonald’s made last year alone.”

In total, more than 200,000 workers across Massachusetts could benefit from the increased wages.

Anesthesiologists, Surgeons and CEOs

While some in Central Massachusetts are hoping that legislation passes for the minimum wage increase, workers in other professions are raking in the dough.

To really no one’s surprise, the top earners in the Central Massachusetts area are anesthesiologists and surgeons - both occupations earn an average of more than $260,000 a year.  

Runners up include CEOs, and family and general practitioners - each of which earn more than $200,000 on average annually.

The lowest earners in the area, making just over $19,000 a year, include fast food cooks, coffee shop workers, and cafeteria and concession attendants.

GoLocalWorcester has put together a list of the 25 highest-paying jobs in the Worcester. See slides below.


Related Slideshow: 25 Highest Paying Jobs in Central Massachusetts

GoLocal takes a look at the highest paying jobs in Worcester, with a look at hourly wages and annual salary.

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Occupation: Computer Network Architects

Average Hourly Wage: $52.61

Average Annual Salary: $109,430

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Occupation: Financial Managers

Average Hourly Wage: $53.53

Average Annual Salary: $111,340

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Occupation: Software Developers, Systems Software

Average Hourly Wage: $53.69

Average Annual Salary: $111,670

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Occupation: Postsecondary Teachers, All Other

Average Hourly Wage: N/A

Average Annual Salary: $112,010

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Occupation: Chemistry Teachers, Postsecondary

Average Hourly Wage: N/A

Average Annual Salary: $112,850

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Occupation: Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary

Average Hourly Wage: N/A

Average Annual Salary: $114,600

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Occupation: Sales Managers

Average Hourly Wage: $56.15

Average Annual Salary: $116,790

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Occupation: Personal Financial Advisors

Average Hourly Wage: $56.41

Average Annual Salary: $117,320

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Occupation: General and Operations Managers

Average Hourly Wage: $56.52

Average Annual Salary: $117,550

Prev Next


Occupation: Compensation and Benefits Managers

Average Hourly Wage: $56.65

Average Annual Salary: $117,840

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Occupation: Computer and Information Systems Managers

Average Hourly Wage: $57.29

Average Annual Salary: $119,150

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Occupation: Lawyers

Average Hourly Wage: $58.44

Average Annual Salary: $121,560

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Occupation: Marketing Managers

Average Hourly Wage: $60.16

 Average Annual Salary: $125,130

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Occupation: Computer Hardware Engineers

Average Hourly Wage: $60.36

Average Annual Salary: $125,540

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Occupation: Architectural and Engineering Managers

Average Hourly Wage: $60.98

Average Annual Salary: $126,850

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Occupation: Natural Sciences Managers

Average Hourly Wage: $63.44

Average Annual Salary: $131,950

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Occupation: Optometrists

Average Hourly Wage: $63.96

Average Annual Salary: $133,040

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Occupation: Physicians and Surgeons, All Other

Average Hourly Wage: $71.64

Average Annual Salary: $149,020

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Occupation: Nurse Anesthetists

Average Hourly Wage: $71.68

Average Annual Salary: $149,100

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Occupation: Pediatricians, General

Average Hourly Wage: $91.15

Average Annual Salary: $189,580

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Occupation: Dentists, General

Average Hourly Wage: $94.14

Average Annual Salary: $195,800

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Occupation: Chief Executives

Average Hourly Wage: $97.96

Average Annual Salary: $203,760

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Occupation: Family and General Practitioners

Average Hourly Wage: $103.02

Average Annual Salary: $214,290

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Occupation: Surgeons

Average Hourly Wage: $126.96

Average Annual Salary: $264,070

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Occupation: Anesthesiologists

Average Hourly Wage: $128.04

Average Annual Salary: $266,320


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