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Best College Towns in New England

Monday, December 17, 2018


The time for high school seniors to make a decision on where they want to go to college is nearing and visiting the college and the surrounding town is a major factor.

In WalletHub’s list of the best college towns in the country, 21 New England cities crack the top 415.

“One of the most important steps in the process is the campus visit, which often includes a tour of the city or town that will serve as the student’s home for the next several years. Experts have argued that a school’s geographical location is just as important as a strong curriculum and supportive school environment to a student’s academic success and personal development,” said WalletHub.

New England Rankings

Storrs, Connecticut is ranked as the best college town in New England, and 12th best overall.

Storrs is followed by Cambridge, Massachusetts and Providence, who ranks 112th overall.

The worst college town in New England is Newton, who ranks 412th out of 415 overall cities.

See the Best College Towns in New England Below


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Newton, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 412th

Wallet Friendliness: 415th

Social Environment: 292nd

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 200th

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Bridgeport, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 408th

Wallet Friendliness: 295th 

Social Environment: 380th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 387th

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Brookline, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 402nd

Wallet Friendliness: 406th

Social Environment: 231

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 67th

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Quincy, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 398th 

Wallet Friendliness: 360th 

Social Environment: 248th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 266th

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Springfield, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 387th

Wallet Friendliness: 189th 

Social Environment: 350th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 393rd 

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Worcester, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 350th

Wallet Friendliness: 253rd 

Social Environment: 242nd

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 317th

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Stamford, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 345th

Wallet Friendliness: 379th 

Social Environment: 232nd 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 61st

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Waltham, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 329th

Wallet Friendliness: 404th

Social Environment: 199th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 80th

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Lowell, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 321st

Wallet Friendliness: 292nd

Social Environment: 235th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 242nd

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Hartford, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 279th 

Wallet Friendliness: 114th

Social Environment: 304th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 273rd

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Durham, New Hampshire

WalletHub Overall Rank: 272nd 

Wallet Friendliness: 269th 

Social Environment: 20th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 402nd

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Burlington, VT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 240th 

Wallet Friendliness: 302nd 

Social Environment: 80th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 255th

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Medford, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 232nd 

Wallet Friendliness: 413th 

Social Environment: 185th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 24th 

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Manchester, New Hampshire

WalletHub Overall Rank: 231st

Wallet Friendliness: 289th 

Social Environment: 240th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 106th 

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Somerville, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 201st

Wallet Friendliness: 386th 

Social Environment: 114th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 26th 

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New Haven, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 198th

Wallet Friendliness: 257th 

Social Environment: 171st 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 212th 

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Amherst Center, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 125th

Wallet Friendliness: 177th 

Social Environment: 33rd 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 335th 

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Boston, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 123rd

Wallet Friendliness: 395th

Social Environment: 19th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 98th 

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Providence, RI

WalletHub Overall Rank: 112th

Wallet Friendliness: 206th

Social Environment: 143rd 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 174th 

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Cambridge, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 81st 

Wallet Friendliness: 411th

Social Environment: 54th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 11th

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Storrs, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 12th 

Wallet Friendliness: 186th

Social Environment: 21st

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 119th


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