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Central MA Up + Comer: Yoga Professional Abbey Oliver

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Abbey Oliver has no shortage of passions between kids, yoga, and media.

Central MA Up + Comers is a weekly profile of a member of the next generation as they are making their mark on the Central MA workforce and community. Join us every Thursday for a look at the careers and lifestyles of the local digital generation.

Abbey Oliver, yoga professional and mother

SW: We are introducing a generation who is starting to or is making their mark on the Central MA community. What career have you chosen to move forward in?

AO: My career path is actually still unfolding. Right now, I am the wellness coordinator at Ivy Child International. My position allows me the freedom of moving forward in my yoga career, doing something I greatly enjoy, teaching children yoga.  I have a Masters of Arts in Leadership with a specialization in Servant Leadership, so I would love to integrate that into my career path. I relish in opportunities that allow me to be creative, and at the same time soulful. My other career involves raising two kids and running a household. It’s quite fulfilling. I would say I am trying to find that golden balance between career and taking care of a young family. 

SW: Can you describe a typical day in your life? 

AO: A typical day starts with making breakfast and lunch for my daughter Madeline, then scooting her off to the bus. I usually get to meditate, and then squeeze in an hour or so of yoga before my son Judah gets up (he is a late sleeper, lucky me!). I play with him; he is my test child for many of the Ivy Child games and yoga plans that I create. He gives me great ideas about what other movements children will be able to focus on and use positively. After playtime, we go for a walk or a run and then I typically go about putting the house in order. We just bought a short sale, so I have been cleaning, tacking trim back into place, and then cleaning some more. Maddy gets off the bus, and then the chaos of the afternoon begins. At around 6:30 we begin with dinner, then story time, and bed! 

SW: What is the best thing about your work?

AO: The best thing about both of my jobs is the kids! Teaching yoga to children is wonderful. I love the amazing flexibility they have. You can always tell if they are into yoga or not, because of the depth of the postures they are aware of. At one session, there was an amazing little boy, who could just get into whatever pose he wanted, and he knew several of them. I have to admit, I was a little jealous. My job at home is amazing because of my kids. Between the homework of first grade and the mood swings of a toddler, there is never a dull moment. It makes everyday something fun and a little different then the day before.

SW: What is your dream job?

AO: My dream job would be to write fiction (like a novel), or blog for a living, along with teaching yoga. Something flexible, or work-from-home. Judah has another two years at home, so I’ll be here a while.

SW: What is your favorite piece of technology?

AO: My favorite piece of technology is my phone. It is a Samsung galaxy3. I love it. The camera is wonderful, and I can email and Pinterest anywhere!

SW: What is on your iTunes?

AO: My iTunes has a lot of Mumford and Sons. Also I have the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and other alternative indie music. One of the other things I have are audible books, one that I find myself listening to over and over is Jon Kabat Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are.

SW: What is your favorite social networking site? Why?

AO: For social media, I like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Why? I like Pintrest because I am a very visual person; I enjoy the beauty of the pinned images. Also, who wouldn’t want any recipe at their finger tips! Facebook is great to keep in touch with friends and family from far away. I keep in touch with friends from the Cape and my little sister in Vermont. Instagram is great for a similar reason as Pinterest, I love the amazing images captured by my friends.

SW: What do you do away from your career?

AO: I garden and bake. I also cook. I really enjoy making good tasting food with healthy ingredients. Anytime I can substitute butter for coconut oil, I feel like I won a little battle of wills. Now I don’t have to be annoyed I ate four cookies, instead of two. Gardening is a shared passion of mine with my husband; right now, we are making plans for our new garden at our new home. I am already looking forward to spring next year.

SW: Are you involved in the community? If so, how?

AO: I am involved in the PTO, and I have been supporting the grants being written for our new school playground. We are in a new community right now, so I am still looking for ways to get involved. I am sure I will be offering yoga in the community at some point soon.

SW: Who is the biggest influence(s) in your life?

AO: My mom and my husband. It is difficult to decide who has been more influential. Jake (my husband) has influenced me as an adult, but my mother influenced the foundation of who I am, my childhood. I would say they are both amazingly influential people to me.

SW: What is a fun fact few people know about you?

AO: I climbed up into the largest radio flyer wagon in the world! It was when I was wrapping up my master’s degree in Spokane, WA.

SW: Your favorite expression?

AO: Think before you act.

SW: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AO: Hopefully with my own studio and a book! Also, I see myself at home, watching my young family grow up.


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