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Central Massachusetts’ Man of the Year

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


In November of 2011, Worcester’s favorite son and Lt. Governor of Massachusetts crashed his state vehicle going at 108 mph. That crash and the corresponding investigation lead many to believe that Tim Murray may have physically survived the mysterious accident, but it was end of his political career.


Rumors swirled. What was the real cause? Was anyone else in the car? What was he doing out at 5 am? The crash and the corresponding investigation reeked of cover-up and unanswered questions.

One year later, Murray is in the unique position of being the front-runner to succeed Deval Patrick as the 72nd Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

During the past twelve months, Murray has been everywhere and doing everything. He has taken the public lead on issues like the CSX rail project and environmental initiatives. There is not a public event involving police officers that he does not attend. The always-personable Murray has fought his way back into political viability.

Competitors Failing

With the demise of Martha Coakley’s career after her ill-fated and blatantly political attempt to prosecute Tim Cahill, and with Scott Brown likely to run for John Kerry’s soon-to-be-vacant seat, Murray’s path is far clearer to take the Governor’s seat.

Murray is likely to face a challenge from Treasurer Steven Grossman. Neither Murray ($236,024) nor Grossman ($356,662) have built impressive campaign war chests, but Murray is in far better shape than he was one year ago today.

Murray is the Commonwealth’s modern Lazarus. The next two years will be an amazing journey for Murray, but he literally and figuratively has come back from the dead.

Tim Murray is GoLocalWorcester’s Central Massachusetts' 2012 Man of the Year.




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Iron Mike Farquhar

The 'Man of the Year' remains the Low-Information Mass Union Voter who just helped re-elect Obama, - and who will continue voting exactly the way their shop stewards tell them to.

Tiny Tim out with a bimbo at 5 AM – driving drunk? Who cares? He's a Democrat – that's all that counts.

Stephen Quist

typical "blame the stupid voter mentallity" from rusty mike and the bottom line is Obama won by 4%+ of the national vote and over 300 electoral votes.....when people like rusty start blaming and insulting voters because they chose to vote opposite the extremist agenda that he loves then they have solidified the opposition and have no hope in hell of reaching out to the electorate they purport to want to represent.......insulting the voters will not garner your cause any new votes that you need to win office - but by all means keep insulting the voters America is better off with extremist like you looking on from the outside.......thanks rusty!

Stephen Quist

LtGovernor WILL be our next Governor and Treasurer Grossman would make a great US Senator........no need for extremist republiCants to even seek the offices - they will be soundly rejected again!

Padraig Harvey

What? What about one of our men or women who returned from War?

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