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CT School Shooting: Massachusetts Officials React

Friday, December 14, 2012


Officials in Massachusetts are sharing their thoughts on the tragic school shooting today in Newtown, CT that took the lives of 27 people. GoLocalWorcester will continue to update as statements come in.

Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty:

“It is incomprehensible that such a tragedy occurred. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and the community.”

Tracy O'Connell Novick, Vice-Chair Worcester School Committee:

"Every time someone is looking for innocent victims schools seem to be the place."

"Teachers and principals, we talk a lot about what they do for kids, and today was an example of that."

"Our sympathy goes out to the familes in Connecticut."

City Councilor Kate Toomey:

"This type of a tragedy that takes the innocent lives of so many young children is just incomprehensible. I cannot begin to imagine the abject sorrow, pain and horror for those parents who lost their children and those family members who lost their loved ones. My heart goes out to all of them."

"I'm grateful that crisis management within the city and the Worcester Public Schools has been well-established."

"I think that every parent in this world right now, if you can't be with your kids and your spouse, call them up and tell them that you love them. And don't do it just today."

State Senator Michael Moore:

"My thoughts go out to the families in Connecticut who are dealing with this horrific tragedy. This is every parents worst nightmare."

Congressman Jim McGovern:

“This unspeakable tragedy reminds us – once again – that we need to have a frank conversation about guns and gun violence in America. We have been through this too many times. I have cosponsored numerous bills to combat gun violence and I am a strong supporter of sensible gun control laws. Unfortunately, leadership in Congress continues to block consideration of these common-sense bills.”

Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren:

"As a mother and grandmother, I’m heartbroken to hear about the horrific and senseless tragedy in Connecticut today. Bruce and I send our thoughts and prayers to the children, teachers and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School and their loved ones."

JC Considine, Spokesperson, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

"This is a horrific tragedy. Certainly as folks in education it has affected us tremendously. There's no more important responsibility for schools than to ensure the safety of the kids within the schools."

"Every parent in america is affected by this and certainly educators as well."


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Edward Saucier

The U.S. media has real problems. Major media outlets failed to report on clear evidence that our climate is changing. GOOGLE: Media Turn A Blind Eye To Record Greenland Ice Melt

Whenever the media was covering the so called "fiscal cliff" fiasco, who did they turn to? Journalists made up 57 percent with political figures making up the second largest share. Those who had expertise on the matter,ECONOMISTS, made up about 4.4 percent of all guest appearances. Remaining guests, such as business executives, did not meet any of the three identified classifications. GOOGLE: TV News Coverage Of Budget Negotiations Excludes Economists

Yet when a tragedy such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre occurs the media gets on it 24-7 disseminating inaccurate news reports by getting every Tom, Dick & Harry in front of a microphone giving a deluge of hearsay evidence about what they "think" happened. Then all of the political figures have to give their opinion on the tragedy, almost like the reporters expect someone to say that things aren't as bad as everyone thinks.

Why can't the media do it's job right and just wait until all the facts are in and give out the correct information? And how come noone is calling for the firing of those ignorant reporters like the "special" members of Congress were calling for Susan Rice's head for giving so called "unfactual intel" concerning the invasion of the Consulate in Benghazi? Information she had nothing to do with and was only reporting what she was told to report, most likely by the White House.

Now everyone will be screaming for more gun control like always after an incident like this. And after awhile the smoke clears and every is back to the status quo. Did anyone notice that during the debate season none of the candidates addressed changing gun control laws? In fact all the comments made in this article don't mention gun control laws except the comment made by Jim McGovern. God forbid the politicians, or anyone else for that matter, should offend the NRA.

Stephen Quist

First and foremost we need to have an opne and frank discussion about mental illnesses in our country and what is it we can do to get people the much needed help and treatment in dealing with such illnesses.
The second issue deserving frank and open discussion is the need to protect our children and teachers who are so damn vulnerable right now.....I am not averse to the idea of arming teachers/principals with arms to neutrilize the next mass killer coming thru the school doors and it WILL happen again

Edward Saucier

I can't recall any of those "homegrown terrorists" who were sane. The problem is there isn't much we can do if their parents keep covering them from any limelight because of what people may think. Many people are not forgiving and persecute parents and kids who have mental diseases. Even if they are reported there isn't enough money to treat them. Thank a republican congressman for that. They're too busy catering to their big money corporate donors and just waiting to walk through the revolving door where the money trees grow.

Gun control bans on the other hand are just feelgood measures that don't stay on the books too long. Bill Clinton got a ban on assault weapons passed in 1994, but good old boy George W. let it expire in 2004. See, that's an old republican trick, to pass a bill that the people are screaming for and undercover of night slip in a "Sunset Clause" that the MSM never covers or uncovers would be a more proper word. The Boston Globe wrote a real good "Media Incompetence Hit Piece" - GOOGLE - As Conn. story unfolds, media struggle with facts

This will all be forgotten in a couple of months and those that do such stuff will be denigrating all the selfish teachers who are taking money from them in the form of public pensions.

Ain't America great? I don't think so.

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