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NEW: Gov. Patrick Pitches Budget to Public With Local Investment Maps

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Governor Deval Patrick rolled out a series of new maps, which break down the transportation and education investments in his proposed FY14 budget by state Senate and House district, on Wednesday in an effort to make his plans for the Commonwealth's future more tangible to voters.

The 400 maps, two for each Senate and House district, are available on the state's website under "Choosing Growth in Our Communities."

"The site will enable everyone to see what we get with these investments," Patrick said. "The conversation is vitally important to have for this generation and the one to come."

He noted that people are hesitant to pay more in taxes, and while they may see the value in paying their fair share, they may also worry whether their money is being spent wisely.

The maps are intended to show voters just how the additional revenue generated from an increased income tax rate of 6.25 percent would be used.

"This is not just about quality of life. It is about growth," Patrick said, adding that investing in transportation and education are proven means of accelerating job growth.

"The case is there to be made. I'm trying to make it."


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