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Holy Cross Joins American Talent Initiative to Bring in Lower Income, 1st Generation Students

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Holy Cross joins American Talent Initiative

Holy Cross has joined with some of the top colleges in the country to add as many as 50,000 talented lower-income, first-generation students as part of the American Talent Initiative (ATI).

“Too often young people with the talent and desire to attend college are discouraged by the barriers, real and perceived, present in our higher education system. As educators, we must do all we can to reach out to lower-income and first-generation students and break down those barriers. Holy Cross is proud to join the American Talent Initiative and other colleges and universities committed to those shared goals,” said Holy Cross Provost Margaret Freije.

American Talent Initiative

The American Talent Initiative (ATI) brings together a diverse set of public and private institutions united in a shared goal of educating 50,000 additional high-achieving, lower-income students across the country by 2025.

ATI aims to increase the total number of low- and moderate-income students enrolled at these institutions from about 480,000 to 530,000 by 2025.

Each college and university participating in ATI identifies its own strategies to contribute to the collective goal.

Holy Cross will develop action plans to recruit more students from economically diverse backgrounds, increase the rate at which they apply for financial aid, and ensure they continue to graduate at a high rate. Holy Cross is committed to supporting these students socially, academically, and financially, from before they arrive on campus to graduation and beyond.

ATI, which welcomed its first members in December 2016, works with institutions across the country that graduate at least 70 percent of their students in six years—a threshold that just under 300 colleges achieve.

Holy Cross has a 92 percent six-year graduation rate.


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Academic & Economic Opportunities: 200th

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Bridgeport, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 408th

Wallet Friendliness: 295th 

Social Environment: 380th

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Social Environment: 231

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Quincy, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 398th 

Wallet Friendliness: 360th 

Social Environment: 248th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 266th

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Springfield, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 387th

Wallet Friendliness: 189th 

Social Environment: 350th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 393rd 

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Worcester, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 350th

Wallet Friendliness: 253rd 

Social Environment: 242nd

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 317th

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Stamford, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 345th

Wallet Friendliness: 379th 

Social Environment: 232nd 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 61st

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Waltham, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 329th

Wallet Friendliness: 404th

Social Environment: 199th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 80th

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Lowell, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 321st

Wallet Friendliness: 292nd

Social Environment: 235th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 242nd

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Hartford, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 279th 

Wallet Friendliness: 114th

Social Environment: 304th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 273rd

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Durham, New Hampshire

WalletHub Overall Rank: 272nd 

Wallet Friendliness: 269th 

Social Environment: 20th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 402nd

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Burlington, VT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 240th 

Wallet Friendliness: 302nd 

Social Environment: 80th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 255th

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Medford, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 232nd 

Wallet Friendliness: 413th 

Social Environment: 185th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 24th 

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Manchester, New Hampshire

WalletHub Overall Rank: 231st

Wallet Friendliness: 289th 

Social Environment: 240th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 106th 

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Somerville, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 201st

Wallet Friendliness: 386th 

Social Environment: 114th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 26th 

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New Haven, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 198th

Wallet Friendliness: 257th 

Social Environment: 171st 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 212th 

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Amherst Center, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 125th

Wallet Friendliness: 177th 

Social Environment: 33rd 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 335th 

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Boston, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 123rd

Wallet Friendliness: 395th

Social Environment: 19th 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 98th 

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Providence, RI

WalletHub Overall Rank: 112th

Wallet Friendliness: 206th

Social Environment: 143rd 

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 174th 

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Cambridge, MA

WalletHub Overall Rank: 81st 

Wallet Friendliness: 411th

Social Environment: 54th

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 11th

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Storrs, CT

WalletHub Overall Rank: 12th 

Wallet Friendliness: 186th

Social Environment: 21st

Academic & Economic Opportunities: 119th


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