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NEW: Auburn State Trooper Faces Indictment for Sexual Assault

Friday, September 14, 2012


A Massachusetts State Trooper from Auburn facing several charges stemming from different sexual assaults, will be arraigned next week in Worcester Superior Court.

The Worcester County Grand Jury yesterday handed up direct indictments of Jason M. Willard, 38, of 19 Thayer Ave., Auburn. He is charged with three counts of indecent assault & battery on a person over 14 and two counts of open and gross lewdness. He will be arraigned on September 21st.

The officer's alleged assaults of an 18-year old girl occurred about four years ago. The case was investigated by the State Police Detectives assigned to the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office. 


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Harvey Beehive

Our heros...

Edward Saucier

One out of thousands and HB makes an ignorant wisecrack. How gauche Scarecrow, still traveling the yellow brick road in search of a brain, or did you give up?

Harvey Beehive

By Saucier's ignorant remark, we can conclude he condones this sort of behavior from those who are supposed to protect us. And by the way, its a lot more than 1 out of thousands. They just haven't been caught yet. keep marching in line comrade...

Edward Saucier

Another attempt at rational thing by Harvey Beehive has failed. So what else is new? As Bugs Bunny would say, "what a maroon."

Angelo Leone

Sounds like harvey got burnt somewhere down the line or stung by a "bee"

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