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NEW: Simonian Claims to Knock on Over 17,000 Doors in State Senate Bid

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Republican State Senate candidate Steven Simonian claims he has personally knocked on over 17,000 doors throughout the 2nd Worcester District in his efforts to unseat Democratic incumbent State Senator Mike Moore this November.

The Navy veteran has ignored those who said the district was too big to walk, and has hit over 80 percent of voters in the towns of Auburn, Grafton, Leicester and Millbury, as well as portions of Northbridge, Shrewsbury, Upton and Worcester, according to the Simonian campaign.

"My opponent, being an incumbent Senator can out-fundraise me; he can out-spend me. But under no circumstances will he work harder than me," Simonian said.

"My military and private sector experience have afforded me the determination to make my case to the voters."

Simonian has made a concerted effort to visit the towns of the 2nd Worcester District every day since his original announcement to run for the Senate seat.

"When I started this race, many in the establishment didn’t have faith that my opponent could be given a serious challenge," said Simonian.

"They used to say, 'You don't have a chance, but now since you knocked on my door, I'll vote for you.' This is David vs. Goliath; the question is will money or hard work prevail." 


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Richard Parker

Mr. Simonian did knock on my door, but unfortunately had very little to say. He only said he was running for Senate, didn't offer much more than that: no new ideas, no changes he would make, not even problems with the current Senator. I'm sure door knocking for a candidate is important, but I think it's more important for you to have something meaningful to say.

J Rhodes

There's no way Mr. Simonian knocked on 17,000 doors. First he said he was on track to do 30,000 doors, then last week he confirmed he knocked on 25,000 doors, now it's 17,000. He's making up numbers to distract voters from what really matters: he has no record, no platform, no new ideas. Funny how he's doing press releases on door knocking, but nothing about the issues. This is nothing more than a cheap political trick, with no merit or importance. He has grossly underestimated the intelligence of the voters!

Rick Ashaw

Ahh...How silly to discount the hard work of a candidate for Senate. A man who has based a candidacy on ideals and confirmed those beliefs with over 80% of the district. I understand the incumbent is working hard to pad a new pension after already getting a $2800 kiss in the mail every month, but lets be real, Simonian is the only one who has been out working this hard to represent and give back to the district!

Mark Cloutier

Pretty sure a Senate district encompasses about 160,000 people, so if Simonian had hit 80%, as he claims, that would be 128,000. A far cry from 17,000. Simonian can't even get basic math right!

Moore is always at community events, charity fundraisers, meeting people...he's incredibly visible, accessible, and always has an open door. Keep in mind Simonian sent out a press release saying Senator Moore spends too much time on Beacon Hill, then a separate press release saying he spends too much time in the district....Simonian can't even keep his story straight!

Once again, Senator Moore is NOT earning retirement credit as a Senator. His pension is capped, never earn more. Just because the Simonian camp keeps saying the same thing over and over doesn't make it true.

the big lebowski

Simonian is a joke, he should start by knowing the size of a senate district. It is over 160k, with about 100K voters and about 52k homes. So IF he hit 17k homes he went to about 1/3, a FAR cry from 80% no matter how you slice it. He also said last April he was on pace to hit 30 k doors. That’s a pretty lofty goal than he didn’t come close to meeting and I honestly doubt he went to that many houses

He also had a fundraising goal of $25,000 over 6 months. So the truth is he want to raise as much money he just didn’t, or couldn't.

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