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Semi-Automatic Ammunition Flying Off The Shelves In MA

Friday, December 28, 2012


Massachusetts residents are flocking to firearms stores and stripping shelves of their ammunition, particularly the .223 cartridges, which can be used with semi-automatic weapons. Of the nine stores that GoLocalWorcester contacted, seven were completely or nearly sold out of the ammunition.

Newtown Shooting and Fear of Regulation Causes Run on Ammo in MA

In the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that claimed 26 lives, gun owners seem to be concerned about when the .223 cartridges will be available again and are stocking up while they still can.

Ammunition salesmen say they simply don’t have enough of the product to meet the ravenous demand.

Employees from stores across the state reported their shelves and warehouses are absolutely barren of.223 cartridges. One employee who elected not to be named said that customers were “hoarding” while another called the situation “crazy.” Most stores reported that recent sales far surpass typical holidays trends.

An employee from C & F Guns in Middleborough says that Obama’s speech during Monday Night Football following the Newtown shooting “lit a match to an already bad situation.” He says every time the President or his administration publicly addresses the national situation as it pertains to gun control, it sends people into a panic.

A Lengthy Trend

According to Worcester Republican Chris Pinto, a shortage of .223 ammunition is nothing new. Pinto says the shortage started in 2009 when President Obama attempted to raise prices on ammunition to make it harder and more expensive to obtain firearms.

Pinto also says media bias has played into the current national hysteria over gun control.

“There is no such thing as an assault weapon,” said Pinto, attributing the term’s creation to what he calls liberal logic. “There is little difference between an assault rifle and regular rife. The assault rifle just looks scarier. The last federal assault weapons ban did nothing but make the gun less scary looking.”

Organizing To Make Noise

Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms For Gun Control, says the increased demand for .223 ammunition is attributed to a society that is unsure of where gun laws are headed.

“I’m assuming this is a reaction to fear,” said Watts. “We’re creating an arms race in this country.”

Moms For Gun Control was founded approximately 24 hours after the shooting in Newtown. According to Watts, the group has since ballooned to 15,000 members in more than 50 chapters nationwide.

While Watts acknowledges that the Second Amendment was created for a reason, she stresses the need to exercise common sense when addressing gun control issues.

“I believe the rights of the individual need to stop overriding the safety of the majority,” said Watts.

Hopeful that the Newtown shooting will act as the straw that broke the camel's back in terms of gun control and popular opinion, Watts wants the Moms Against Gun Violence effort to be as successful as it was in the 1980s, when the group battled for stricter laws against drunk driving offenses. Watts says that thanks in part to the help of the organization, 729 new state laws concerning drunk driving were enacted between 1981 and 1986.

This time around, Watts hopes legislators won’t be afraid of opposition from the National Rifle Association and other pro-gun groups.

“We’re not going to rest until we see action,” said Watts. “We cannot let another mass shooting happen because if we do, then we’re culpable the next time it happens.” 


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Jonathan Beck

"I believe the rights of the individual need to stop overriding the safety of the majority,”

Bullfeathers! It's the unrealistic desire to suppress the few that have no regard for our laws by hindering the rights of the masses that's at stake. I will fight tooth and nail with every ounce of my freedoms to ensure that our constitutional rights are not infringed by the ignorance of others.

Stephen Jacoby

“There is no such thing as an assault weapon,”

Absolutely one of the biggest lies told by the NRA and its supporters. What "normal" rifle do you know of that accepts a 30-cartridge magazine (or bigger) and lets you pop them off as fast as you can pull the trigger? And, what "normal" rifle do you know of for which it is so easy to get a kit that makes it fully automatic? None.

I'm not for banning all guns, but some of them have to go.

Iron Mike Farquhar

When government fears the wrath of the People, there is freedom and justice.

When the People fear the intentions or the wrath of government, there is injustice,...and cautious preparation!
- - - - -

Anybody who doesn't fare our current government – clearly is UNAWARE that DHS has stockpiled 1,300,000,000 rounds of rifle, shotgun, machinegun, and pistol ammo. WHO is DHS planning to shoot? They have enough ammo to shoot EACH of us 4 times! I certainly fear their intentions....

Jonathan Beck

The Ruger mini-14 series rifles have been considered "normal rifles" for many years before the AR type rifles became as popular as they are today. They accept magazines that have 5, 10, 20, and 30 round capacities. I have yet to see one mainstream media company blasting these. While I am not a member of the NRA (mainly because I don't agree with their one sided intense lobbying policies), I do maintain that "assault weapon" is coined by liberal media to instill fear in the masses. Any weapon used to kill and injure others during a crime is an "assault weapon". Also, the supreme court has ruled in the past that banning "high capacity" firearms marketed to the civilian market is unconstitutional since the main reason if the 2nd amendment is to allow the people to have some degree of defensive capability from the government.

Stephen Jacoby

Here goes Mikey again with his half-truths and ignorance.

The ammunition you're talking about is not in a stockpile. In fact, it's not even necessarily being purchased. The DHS has put in a stock order to cover the next five years of operation for the entire government to be filled as needed. This "order" is not a commitment by DHS to buy the ammo, it's just an "in case we need it" thing.

Get your facts straight and stop spewing ignorance.

Stephen Jacoby

The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with protecting us from our government. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." It's all about being able to assemble an army quickly in case of invasion or attack. Period.

Stephen Jacoby

I honestly don't care who coined the term "assault weapon" because it's an accurate description. They were designed to do one thing - kill people. Not deer. Not squirrels. People. I am 100% for banning ANY weapon that can be made to go fully automatic or is designed to accept large capacity magazines (which should also be banned).

Iron Mike Farquhar

Yes Stephen, rifles [weapons] ARE designed to kill people. There are bad people out there and we cannot all carry a cop around with us.

The 2nd Amendment was SPECIFICALLY drafted with the idea that the People ~ might ~ need to defend themselves from an over-reaching and overbearing Federal Government. You'd do yourself a service to read some history before posting inane comments.

Your comment on the DHS ammo stockpile is a perfect example. Please outline for us what a typical 'just in case' scenario would justify 1.3 TRILLION bullets in the hands of DHS – which cannot [or will not] secure our southern border from illegal immigration and drug traffic.

What scenario Stevie – a 'Zombie Apocalypse'? Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Jonathan Beck

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

1. “A well regulated militia.” Yes there are many definitions of what a militia is but in summation it is a group of citizens to be used in an emergency for defensive purposes. Since I am a gun owner it is my obligation as a US citizen to join the call to arms if the need arises.
2. “Necessary to the security of a free state”. This means to protect the principles of our constitution…whether it be from foreign or domestic forces.

Also…ANY GUN EVER MADE WAS DESIGNED TO KILL. Yea…they are fun to use and are enjoyed my many citizens. But as far as “assault weapons” are concerned…there is no difference between a scary military style rifle and the gun I carry every day as a defensive tool.

Some guns can be "jerried" to go full auto. Most notably the AK design. However the AR-15 CAN NOT easily be made to go from semi to select fire. The trigger group and the receiver's design are vastly different from the select fire variants.

Stephen Jacoby

Jonathan - Although I am clearly able to use them for self-defense, my shotguns (12, 16, and 20-gauge), my 30.06, and my .22 were all designed and manufactured as hunting weapons. The same cannot be said about the AR or AK rifles which were specifically designed to shoot people. Can you honestly say there is a need for these guns?

I will defer to your expertise when discussing the ease of conversion of an AR vs. AK, but the fact remains that people are selling various kits to do this conversion on either one of them every day. Can we (At least) agree that this is a bad idea?

As a hunter, I am told I cannot have more than X rounds (depending on the state) in the magazine at one time or risk a fine and/or confiscation. Why is it that we are able to buy magazines that carry more than any state allows you to use at one time? Again, can we agree here?

Stephen Jacoby

Mikey - you're a conspiracy theory radical nutjob that's not worth my time. If you can't even bother to read what I wrote, then just don't respond.

Jonathan Beck

So what happens when a hunting rifle is used in a shooting? How about a Lever action rifle…the original “assault rifle?” Do we ban those too? Or how about when a Hunting shotgun is used? Where do we draw the line? What happens when the excrement really hits the fan and all we are left with are rocks to throw?

I will agree that full auto/select fire guns should be more difficult to obtain. If anything for safety reasons since they require a fair amount of extra training/instruction to operate safely. I know of a special stock that makes an AR easier to bumpfire and simulate full auto operation. I would happily see this to leave the market because I do not want some idiot loose control of their weapon while I’m at a range and risk death or injury. I will honestly say I don’t know how the process is in other states but in MA it is damn near impossible to get a permit for full auto. That said….I do own an AR. I own it because it is very comfortable for me to use and I use it to hone my marksmanship skills without turning my shoulder into hamburger like my .308 does. It is also cheap to shoot high volume with although I usually only use 10round mags with it. I do however have 30 round mags and one loaded for “just in-case” purposes. I rarely use the 30 round ones since they are in mint condition and pre ban mags in good shape are hard to find. However I find they feed better and are easier for me to handle than the 10 round ones.

As for hunting, I believe the intent (and please correct me if I’m wrong) for capping the gun capacity is to minimize stray rounds from missing their mark and becoming a safety issue. As my old man pointed out when I was a kid, “If you can’t harvest a dear with 3 shotgun shells or less, you don’t deserve it.”

Iron Mike Farquhar

Well Stevie – you've just proven to the readers that calling me names is far easier for you than doing some historical reading – or giving direct answers to direct questions.

Harry Huckum

Gun grabbing knee jerking liberals are some of the stupidest folks that walk on the planet.

The AR platform is in wide use in the mid west as a hunting rifle.

The AR chambered for 5.56 will shoot 5.56 or .223 or .308.

Originally the .308 was designed for warfare was was considered a NATO round.

Problem is that a round that is good for warfare is also good for taking down a 200 lb buck.

It is impossible to determine intent when someone purchases a firearm so lets turn them all in and watch the crime rates double like they did in UK and Australia. Fact is that violent crime with guns has been on the decline for the last 20 years in America but has stayed up in the areas where the gun licensing is the strictest.

I realize it may be way to much to ask for a freaking liberal to understand such a counter intuitive relationship, BUT it is just the way it is.

Harry Huckum

I just learned this


The NRA has a higher favorability rating than Obama.

Love it.

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