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slides: The First Effects of the Blizzard in Worcester

Friday, February 08, 2013


The massive winter storm has reached New England, bringing heavy winds and piling snow, and has already caused bad road conditions and cancelations. See the first effects of this potentially historic storm as it sweeps across the City of Worcester.

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Strong winds are already blowing snow sideways as it continues to fall. Motorists will be banned from the roads as of 4:00 p.m. Friday, following an executive order from Governor Deval Patrick.

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The Show Must Go On

US Postal workers trudged on in the early hours of the storm, making their routes before the blinding wind and precipitation becomes too much.

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Car Marks

In the early hours of the storm, roads were already getting slick, as motorists frantically made their way around the city to make any last minute preparations.

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Parked for the Day

Cars lined single sides of the street to make room for plows.

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Swerving Down the Road

As the snow continues, roads are becoming more dangerous as cars slip and slide around corners. City Manager Michael O'Brien has declared a state of emergency for the city.

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Early's Towing Early

Early's on Park Ave. began towing cars early Friday morning following the parking ban, leaving many with the $132 fee to get back in the driver's seat before the state's ban on traffic.

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WRTA's Last Rounds

Worcester's bus service shut down at 1:00 p.m. on Friday in advance of the feet of snow on the way.

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Emergency Crews Ready

Across the city, emergency vehicles slowly made their ways down the street, ready for any weather-related accidents or calls.

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Last Minute Preparations

Customers lined up outside convenience shops and grocery stores to get their last minute supplies and food. Local energy companies warned customers to be prepared for power outages.

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Quiet Streets

Roads across the city began to quiet down early as the snow continued to fall. With a historic amount of snow still to come, many are heading indoors.


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