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Two Men Arrested for Open Air Drug Dealing in Worcester

Friday, June 16, 2017


Two men were arrested in Worcester for open-air drug dealing in the area of Cambridge Street. 

Bryan Mitchell, 44, of Whitinsville was placed under arrest and charged with Possession of Class B Substance.

Michael Christopher, 32 of Millbury was placed under arrest and charged with Distribution of Class B Substance, Possession of Class B Substance with the Intent to Distribute.

The Incident 

On June 14, members of the WPD Vice Squad was conducting undercover drug surveillance in the Wendy’s parking lot located on Southbridge Street. At approximately 8:25 p.m., one of the undercover officers observed a black GMC Yukon enter the parking lot and park in the middle of the lot. The man, later identified as Mitchell, was seen looking around in a manner that appeared to be suspicious to the officers.

At approximately 8:35 p.m., Mitchell drove out of the parking lot. The officers decided to follow him. Mitchell drove to the price Chopper parking lot located at 50 Cambridge Street. Mitchell was driving throughout the parking lot at a slow rate of speed. It appeared to the officers that Mitchell was trying to locate someone.  Mitchell eventually parked his Yukon in the rear of the parking lot.

Approximately 2 minutes later a gray Toyota Camry entered the parking lot and parked next to the Yukon. At this time Mitchell exited his car and reached into the Camry with a quick hand to hand exchange with the driver. Mitchell was then seen placing an item into his right front pocket. Mitchell got back into his vehicle and drove off. The driver of the Camry also drove off.

Officers attempted to stop Mitchell while he was still in the parking lot but he continued to head towards the exit. One of the undercover officers was already positioned at the exit and stopped Mr. Mitchell from leaving. A search of Mitchell produced one knotted plastic bag of cocaine. He was placed under arrest. 

Officers following the Camry were now instructed that they had probable cause to stop the car. The car was eventually stopped on Route 290. The driver was identified as Christopher. A search of  Christopher and his car produced nine individual one gram bags containing cocaine. 

Officers also recovered $180.00. Christopher was placed under arrest. 


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