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Cheat Sheet 50, FBI Files: Winter Hill Gang, Bonded Vault, Bevilacqua’s Relationship with Patriarca

Monday, July 18, 2016


Raymond Patriarca

Each week accompanying the segments of the FBI files on Raymond Patriarca and expert analysis on the documents released, GoLocal provides a “cheat sheet” of some of the key elements from the documents.

Make no mistake about it, the files are layered with information about a time where the scope and reach of the Patriarca crime family permeated nearly every aspect of life in New England.

PAGE 1 Patriarca was quoted as saying that his legal problems were due yo “corrupt federal officials” and the FBI did not appreciate his comments.


PAGE 1 Patriarca Denies knowledge of who did the Bonded Vault Robbery


PAGE 3 An informant said Patriarca received $64,000 from the Bonded Vault Robbery


PAGE 7 One individual wanted for his role in the Bonded Vault Robbery is arrested in Las Vegas and he too told the FBI that Patriarca received a $64,000 share payment.


Whitey Bulger, Winter Hill Gang

PAGE 14 “NICK BIANCO has left to begin his prison term on the income tax violation and has been replaced by “PEANUTS” BROCCOLI as the number one man on Federal Hill directly under RAYMOND L.S. PATRIARCA.


PAGE 21 “State Commission on Judicial Tenure and Disciplne is currently conducting closed hearings concerning Chief Justice JOSEPH BEVILACQUA, Rhode Island Supreme Court, regarding the facts that BEVILACQUA wrote a letter to the Rhode Island Parole Board prior to RAYMOND PATRIARCA’s January, 1975 parole supporting the parole for PATRIARCA.”


PAGE 23 1976 Election a Big Win for the Mafia in RI

“During the 11/76 REDACTED advised that as a result of the recent elections, the criminal element in Rhode Island feels they have gained inroads in the state government inasmuch as REDACTED was elected REDACTED said that REDACTED was from North Providence, Rhode Island is closely aligned with various members of the hoodlum element, including PATRIARCA. 


PAGE 26 “…PATRIARCA has attempted to have a sit down with the Winter Hill people to discuss the money allegedly owed to them by REDACTED.


PAGE 26 “A second source advised during 2/77 that contact between PATRIARCA and Chief Justice JOSEPH BEVILACQUA R.I. Supreme Court, are handled through REDACTED in Providence, R.I. State Police currently investigating allegations that BEVILACQUA,in 1964, received part of the loot from armed robbery of Outlet., Co. Providence, R.I.


PAGE 49 Joseph Scanlon AKA Joey Onion has been missing since April 2, 1978.


PAGE 59 The Cumberland Coin Company in Woonsocket gets robbed by Patriarca’s crew for $265,000.


FBI Files - The Patriarca Papers - Entry 50

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