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slides: Cheat Sheet 46, FBI Files: Is Patriarca Losing Power? Gang War Coming?

Monday, June 20, 2016


Each week accompanying the segments of the FBI files on Raymond Patriarca and expert analysis on the documents released, GoLocal provides a “cheat sheet” of some of the key elements from the documents.

Make no mistake about it, the files are layered with information about a time where the scope and reach of the Patriarca crime family permeated nearly every aspect of life in New England.


PAGE 10 Henry Tameleo and Ronald Cassesso have been found guilty be a Federal Grant Jury at Boston, MA on for violation of the ITAR-Gambling Statute.


PAGE 14 Setting up trips to a casino in the Castelhaiti Hotel in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.


PAGE 19 Joe Kirk saw President of Hailt, Pappa Du Valiere and made a side deal.


Raymond Partriarca

PAGE 22 Is Patriarca losing power?

“Informant stated that he has heard that RAYMOND PATRIARCA is loosing his power in the Rhode Island area; that several small gangs are appearing in Providence, R.I., who will not take orders from PATRIARCA and who, are pulling scores on their own. He stated that he has heard that PATRIARCA cannot control this element and that this element does not care what PATRIARA thinks of their activities. He said that this group are not members of the LNC; that they are a much younger group and are pulling all kinds of house breaks with cutting PATRIARCA in on the take.”


PAGE 23 Informant said that PATRIARCA is still afraid of his forthcoming trial at the U.S. District Court , Boston, Mass, and is quite concerned over this trial since  the combing of REDACTED car at Revere, Mass.


PAGE 37 Patriarca has moved his headquarters to NuBrite Cleaners, 165 Atwells Avenue.


PAGE 46 “PATRIARCA wanted RUDOLPH MARFEO to get one of the MARFEO family, one without a criminal record to come to his trial at Boston, Massachusetts and testify to the fact that he got along well with WILLIAM MARFEO and that he (PATRIARCA) had nothing to do with WILLIE’s death. PATRIARCA said that if one of the MARFEO family would do this for him, he (PATRIARCA) in turn would get rid of REDACTED and said he would ‘dump them’ meaning kill them.”


PAGE 72 WillPatriarca have substantial interest on Club Alexander on the Olympia Hotel in Athens Greece?


PAGE 75 Is a Gangland War Coming?

“Informant advised he has heard rumors to the effect that there might be a gang war in the Providence are, in the near future, and that RAYMOND PATRIARCA will have to go. Informant stated that he feels that someone will be taking shots at PATRIARCA and his associated because of the gangland killings on RUDY MARFEO and ANTHONY MELEI at Providence, Rhode Island on April 20, 1968.”


Henry Tameleo

PAGE 90 Secret Indictments Against Patriarca, Tameleo and Cassesso 

On August 1, 1968 REDACTED Chief Investigator, Attorney General’s Office, State of Rhode Island as follows:

On this date, Grand Jury indictments were opened in the Providence County Superior Court before Judge FLORENCE MURRAY, charging RAYMOND L.S. PATRIARCA with ‘Consipacy to Murder William ‘Willie’ MARFEO,’ along with HENRY TAMELEO and RONALD CASSESSO. He was also indicted on a charge of violating the gambling laws of the State of Rhode Island, along with REDACTED and HENRY TAMELEO. REDACTEDwas apprehended on this date and held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

RAYMOND PATRIARCA surrendered with his attorney and was released after making bond of $50,000 on the ‘Conspiracy to Murder’ charge and $10,000 for ‘Violating the Gambling Laws of the State of Rhode Island.’ Indictments against HENRY TAMELOE and RONALD CASSESSO were filed with the authors at the Walpole Prison, Walpole, Massachusetts, where they are confined in death row.”


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