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14th District Candidates Clash in GoLocal Debate

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Democratic Rep. James O'Day

The candidates in the three-way State Representative race for Worcester's 14th District sparred on jobs, taxes and state programs during a GoLocal debate on Monday.

Democratic incumbent James O'Day is competing with Republican William McCarthy and Independent Winthrop Handy for the chance to represent the district comprised of the town of West Boylston and parts of the City of Worcester.

Three Visions for Job Creation

O'Day pointed to his record on Beacon Hill supporting jobs and economic development bills, most recently in July of this year, that allocate funds for assisting small businesses and developing workforce training programs.

But when it comes to attracting businesses and jobs, taxes are not the only factor, and the Representative said public safety, education and infrastructure play an equally important role.

"We have to make sure that we have the infrastructure in place and that we have a community that businesses want to come to," O'Day said, arguing that if the state continues to invest in education and communities, economic growth will follow.

"One thing doesn't happen without the other."

McCarthy advocated for a different approach, focused on working with executives and business owners to identify what the state can do to help them.

"What can we do to keep them here?" he said. "They are the lifeblood for the state of Massachusetts."

Republican William McCarthy

The Republican said he would not vote to raise taxes on businesses or residents in the Commonwealth and would work in streamlining the permitting process for businesses as a first step to encouraging their growth.

"I don't want to create any jobs myself, I want to attract the people who create jobs."

Handy, a small business owner of 36 years, said the Bay State is currently a hostile environment for small business, with companies relocating to New Hampshire or other states with a lower cost of doing business.

"In Worcester, it's starting to look like a ghost town."

The Independent said there are local resources available from the various colleges and universities in the area and local consortiums that could be leveraged to develop the workforce necessary for the future.

"We need to tap into what we have here and use it," Handy said. "Technology is always a factor. You've got to be thinking way ahead."

Handy also presented his idea to bring one or two casinos to the Worcester Regional Airport as a way to create jobs right off the bat.

State Programs and Initiatives

When asked about state programs, McCarthy said he was very concerned about the state's EBT program, which he argued was a source of fraud and abuse.

"We need to have somebody who is a good steward of the taxpayers' money," said McCarthy, alleging that O'Day did not take a hard enough line when it came to reforming the EBT system.

However, O'Day pointed out that many of the abuses his opponent cited were addressed two years ago when the legislature passed EBT reforms.

"I thought that the bill that came out of the House of Representatives was far too harsh," said O'Day referring to legislation introduced earlier this year.

The Democrat said the restrictions would have unduly punished people relying on the benefits while in between jobs and trying to make ends meet, using the example of a woman not being allowed to use the EBT card to buy shampoo before a job interview.

O'Day voted for the final EBT reform bill that acme out of committee this legislative session.

Handy opted to take aim at banks and financial institutions instead, criticizing them for lowering the bond ratings of municipalities while charging them more interest.

"There's no accountability," he said. "They make the EBT cards look very insignificant."

Making a Case for the 14th District

Independent Winthrop Handy

In his closing statements, McCarthy laid out his case that in the current tough economic times, it is important to have someone go in and work with business leaders to figure out a way to sustain their operations and expand.

Raising taxes during a recession, he argued, would be like "putting gasoline on a fire."

The Democratic incumbent expressed his thanks to constituents for the honor of representing the 14th Worcester District for the past five years and said he was proud of his record and the solutions and benefits he has already delivered to West Boylston and Worcester.

"I am not afraid to make a difficult decision, and I'm not afraid to face criticism," said O'Day, if the decision will make things better for the people of the community and improve the overall quality of life.

With more than 50 percent of Worcester County voters unenrolled in either of the two major political parties, Handy said he would represent the majority if elected.

The Independent argued that his more than three decades as a small business owner have given him the knowledge and experience necessary to create jobs.

"There's a lot of money to be spent," Handy said, "but we have to be smart about it and we have to be sure that generations to come are going to benefit from the decisions we make now."  


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Stephen Quist

Another deabte win by Rep O'Day over the extremist teapartier/activator mccarthy and the independent......
The choices are clear.....O'Day represents the issues of concern that families of the 14th District have.
The extremist teapartier/activator mccarthy represents anyone not a family in the 14th......he wants to represent the 2% and ignore the rest of us in the 98%..........
The independent........needs a reality check

Tony Chandler

SWISH...another one for McCarthy. McCarthy slammed him to the court!

O'Day stumbled through his words and just didn't answer questions! Typical Tax and Spend guy!

One thing we can count on for O'Day is to Tax and Hide. He has the intellect of a rock compared to Dr. Bill McCarthy.

The only familes Mr. O'Day stands up for or the EBT recepients that are using our money to get tatoos, nails, and go to Disney World. Oh, and lets not forget Mr. O'Day doesn't pay his fair share either, so when he's spending your money - remember he isn't pay his fair share.

Someone needs to tell him and Mr. Quist that OUR tax dollars - are not UNION funnel monies. It's time we clean up the State House and our first "sweep" will be to replace O'Day. The public sees right through this Tax Man!

One thing that I know Mr. McCarthy will do is get rid of the waste of people on the public toll that don't work. For example - a particular blogger whose on the public payroll who spends his day bloggign instead of doing his job! This is OUR TAX dollars - they shouldn't be wasted so a job hack can read newspapers and blog all day!

One should be very careful - you never know who's watching you!!! This is all public information!!

Stephen Quist

Another AIRBALL by mccarthy and he still does not resonate with the voters in the 14th......
O'Day stands up for all working families and constituents in the 14th......100% of them - 100% all the time.
mccarthy and his extremist teapartier/activator republiCants are the ones picking and choosing who to represent or not.....they only want to represent the 2%'ers...........it does not get anymore un-American than that..........

Stephen Quist

btw when attempting to insult others incorrectly Anthony, (it is the "public dole" and not the "public toll")..... at the very least try to get the proper context next time....
Who is this blogger you speak of that is on the public payroll?

Harry Huckum

More stupid comments from the douche bag mouth piece of the far left.
The left wing liberal libertarian with a conservative bent that cleans toilets for a living.

Good to see that your employer is getting their money's worth out of you. My buddie's wife's friend (who works with you) said that you are useless at your work and are one of the laziest people she has ever met. Get off the computer and do some work you useless idiot.

BTW Q ball, you big blow hard. You should never be correcting anyone on anything to do with writing. From what I have seen you look like at most you have completed the 5th grade.

Anthony. I just was given the 411 on this clown. He doesn't work in the public sector (his wife does). He is a toothless toilet bowl cleaner that works at a retirement home cleaning toilets for a living (but claims to be a building superintendant, fancy name for a janitor).

Best treatment for him is to ignore him and his improper use of punctuation. .......




Now go clean some toilets. I think they are overflowing with punctuation and extremists...

Tony Chandler

Thanks Harry. It's hard to drive and type...I know I shouldn't.... could careless if he corrects my grammar or spelling, I'm sure I have more letters behind my name then he can understand.

I know he cleans toilets for a living and is a bleeding heart liberal.
I just like to tease him a bit and keep him going. Figure thats one less resident he will bother.

Superintendent - there's a toilet in 205 that needs unclogging - perhaps its the paper from the proposed bill to Invest in our Community. I think using it as toilet paper is a better idea.

Vote Bill McCarthy if you don't won't to pay more taxes and you want someone with some education and work experience to back up his plans.

Stephen Quist

cowardly huckster is wrong again and still hiding behind an alias - what a coward!
And huck your denigration of hard working men and women is nothing new to you teapartiers/activators.....just business as usual when your party does not want to represent ALL Americans just the 2%'ers.....the other 98% do not matter at all.....
Man up and stand up coward huckster.....
Anthony: "its hard to drive and type".......thats why its against the law......but you already knew that.
I am glad you did not cause an accident and hurt others or that you were not in an accident..........
anthony you jeapordized the safety of other motorists sharing the road with you......
but then again as a typical radical extremist you teapartiers/activators only follow the laws you feel like following and break the laws you don't like......not suprising at all.....
not suprising at all.....
mccarthy loses in a landslide 11/6..........

Harry Huckum

Obama get wiped out, massive rout. Romney takes all the battleground states but one.
Warren gets tomahawk chopped and goes back to ripping kids off for college.
Patrick runs for governor again, since Obama can't give him a new job.

Q continues to clean toilets and pay less taxes under a Romney Ryan administrations, so maybe he has the money (but won't spend it) for some dental work.

Harry Huckum

Video of the debate shows O'Day unable to speak off the cuff. He has to look at and read from his notes to tell you what he stands for. All scripted by his little weenie campaign manager, David "I took a leave of absence" LeBeouf to work on O'Day and Warren's campaigns.

You know there isn't much difference between O'Day and Warren. But Warren does have her lines memorized, I'll give her that.

Hammered, Hammered, Hammered...

Stephen Quist

.....and the cowardly huckster is still running scared and lying.....just a blogging profile in cowardice......lmao....please dont stop huck this is great entertainment.......
O'Day in a landslide 11/6!
carpet bagger mccarthy continues his very impressive losing streak and losing by landslides I might add........
when you do not resonate with the electorate and then lay out false claims it's no wonder republiCants cannot win elective offices here in in Central MA and the state as a whole..........

Tony Chandler

I’m not sure how you could characterize Bill as a Carpet Bagger. He grew up in Main South (Worcester), attended colleges for his degrees. Worked in Connecticut as a State Trooper and then sought a PhD in a another City. To return to Massachusetts and teach at a Community College within his hometown. Perhaps you need to research what Carpet Bagger means – since you always want to correct everyone else. Learn the meaning to words – would ya???

As far as Republicans winning office, some people have character and stand up for what they believe. They don’t whisper behind closed doors that they are really a conservative, but have to run as a democrat. You see, that person – they aren’t honest. And they are only worried about themselves. If someone such as Bill stands up for his values and morals individuals such as yourself who believes in adultery and drug use tries to drag his good name through the mud. But you see, when you stand up and do the right thing as Bill has done his entire life – people respect you.

And since you need an education on elections …. Its very common for people to run for office and not win sometimes two or three times. But only to return to the slate and then win. But I guess someone such as yourself who lacks confidence and education wouldn’t understand that!

Go Bill. And thank goodness you don’t have the support of such dingbats as Mr. Quist.

Vote Bill McCarthy – someone with integrity and someone that can hold a conversation with having to read from a card that someone else prepared!!

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