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poll: Is Paul Westcott a Good Choice to Replace Jim Polito?

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Is Paul Westcott a Good Choice to Replace Jim Polito?

  •     829 vote - Yes - Westcott might even be better
  •     254 vote - No - this could be the end to local talk in Worcester

WTAG has select Paul Westcott to replace Jim Polito to host the morning drive on the AM talk format - GoLocalWorcester reported on Tuesday.

There were many top candidates after Polito left Worcester for Fox 25 in Boston.

They included - Jennifer Roy, a contributor for GoLocalWorcester, former Congressman Peter Blute and former Speaker of the House Tom Finneran.

Westcott comes to Worcester from a small New Hampshire market - Manchester, the 196# market in US according to Arbitron's Fall 2012 report.

Is he the right man?


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Stephen Quist

first of all whether this clone purveyor of hate radio succeeds or not will most definitely not be the end of local talk radio in Worcester.
Why each and everyday WCRN RADIO 830AM MONDAY thru Friday 5am-9am with Hank Stolz and the most name you can trust in news local or otherwise Sherman Whitman.....they provide local national and beyond and they do not discriminate on callers due to political views - WCRN Radio takes on ALL callers unlike the lil station up on assabumkissit hill................the lil radio station up on assabumkissit hill is on a slippery slope to oblivion. If it was not for Levy the radio station would already be dead and buried......

Tax Payer Citizen

Why is WTAG picking someone from outside Mass, nevermind outside Worcester? This is a not a good move. I like the current producers show but I heard the round table show with 3 frequent callers and it was very intertaining. They should have picked Bill or Tina. Both together would have been way better that this outsider they chose.

Tax Payer Citizen

Anyone notice that they poll is a joke? People can vote as many times as they want! I bet Paul is in his hotel room clicking away at his mouse now!!!!

Stephen Quist

TPC point well made about seeking outside talk show host rather than the abundance of talent right here in Worcester.
How about the Worcester teapartiers and a majority of teapartiers don't even live in our city or those that attempted top denigrate our impeccible election systems.....
all the complainers were teapartiers and all were outta towners.........

Stephen Quist

* strike top - *to

Allen Frump

He's sounded great so far! Go get em' Paulie!

Harry Huckum

Quist, will you get Hanky Blute appendage out of your mouth long enough to allow some oxygen get to your brain?

I mean really man, how much does Hanky Blute pay you to constantly shill for him? You are so pathetic it is not even funny any more. Get a freaking life.

The best talk radio at this point is Howie Carr. But maybe you been smoking so much crap with Clive that you don't think straight anymore.

.... .... .... .... .... .... ....

You and your perpetual punctuation are a joke man.

Harry Huckum

Hey imbecile, its not impeccible it is impeccable.

And if the elections in Worcester meet your quality standards, then you may be more STONED than I thought.

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