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Call in the Justice Department to referee Worcester’s Nov. Election

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


“We should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections.” Those elegant words were written, by John Adams, Founding Father, and the second President of these United States. Unfortunately, over the last two election cycles, serious questions have arisen about the freeness, fairness and impartiality of elections in the City of Worcester. It may be time for drastic measures to right that ship.

In 2010, serious allegations of voter fraud, and coercion were levied against the “non-profit” advocacy group, Neighbor to Neighbor, during the gubernatorial election. The non-profit, who this year received tens of thousands in funding from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), was documented bringing voters into the polls with pre-marked cards showing them how to vote. In addition they were witnessed, actually accompanying voters into the voting booth and “assisting them” with their ballots. They did this all while wearing purple t-shirts identifying them as Neighbor to Neighbor. This happened mostly in Ward 10 polling precincts. Ward 10 is in the “South Main” neighborhood.

As a result of the activities in 2010 in Worcester the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth, William Galvin, reminded elections officials that they need to make inactive any voter that did not fill out their municipalities census form. In Worcester this had resulted in close to 50% of voters being deemed inactive. If you are inactive, you must show some form of identification in order to vote.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to this year’s state primary election, held on September 6, 2012. Countercharges, of voter fraud and “voter suppression,” were levied by and against Worcester Tea Party observers on that day. Worcester Tea Party members say that they observed people being escorted into the polling precincts, again by Neighbor to Neighbor wearing their purple shirts. In addition, allegations of voters showing resident alien – green cards – as identification were witnessed. The observers tried to document this and were thrown out of the polling location, they would say illegally, for doing so.

City officials, led by Councilor Saral Rivera, stormed into the voting precinct to allege voter intimidation by the neutral observers, to the Democratic primary. Numerous hearings have been held by both the City Council and the Election Commission to determine what happened on that day. As the New York based newspaper up the street’s editorial board has said no credible evidence has been presented showing voter intimidation. So far little evidence has been found that the Election Commission has refused to call for a formal investigation.

"Free, Fair, Virtuous, and Independent Elections"

This brings us to the November 6, 2012 election and what should be done to ensure, as Adams said, that “free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections” take place in the City of Worcester on that day. City officials should ask the Department of Justice to monitor the elections, as independent observers. This has been done before in Worcester County. In the spring of 2011 in South County, the Department of Justice was asked to monitor the special election to settle the tie between Geraldo Alicea and Peter Durant. Their presence resulted in a “free, fair, virtuous, and independent election.” The voters of Worcester, and indeed the rest of the Commonwealth, deserve the same on November 6th.

Rob Eno is a conservative activist and publisher of the Massachusetts based blog, RedMassGroup.com. He's a native of Lowell, and currently resides in Shrewsbury.  


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Stephen Quist

Yeah "serious allegations" lodged by the un-American teapartiers and their activate worc. arm........and all allegations were UNFOUNDED!
To add insult to injury - the unfoundedcharges eminating from a partisian blogger from an intolerentadvocay group is a non-starter.......no one is buying this load of sh*t......

Paul Roy

Q: I'll ask just one question: where is the proof of the voter intimidation? Even the BOE in Worcester said there was none. No videos. No pictures. And the flyer was not intimidating according to them.


Sandy Williamson

When all his bloivating and ranting is over, Mr. Quist fails to weigh in on Eno's suggestion to have DOJ oversee the November elections. Would this not level the playing field and remove all the local politicking? Or, is this too, some Tea Party trick? I'm sure Eric Holder would be surprised to hear that.

Harry Huckum

I say have them monitor the election. But first have them watch Rosen's show and see what Vecchio had to say about the election. He made more accusations against the democrats than anyone else. He called the idiots on the City Council panderers (they sounded just like Quist) and he gave Kudos to Konnie Lukes.

While I would not have made any wreck less accusations like Vecchio or the others without proof, he does bring up some interesting issues like people expecting to be paid for their votes. The real question is who was supposed to be paying them? Mary Keefe's campaign?


Amy LaViolette

@ Stephen Quist, it's not bull. I myself just had to re-register for this last election a few weeks ago because the Rats in charge felt I hadn't filled out the census properly by giving them only what I LEGALLY had to supply. I received a very small, obscure card that could have easily gotten lost that said they had unenrolled me. Big union thugs are canvasing neighborhoods to intimidate people about their vote and I can only hope they come to my door wink They came to my sister's house and only said they were from "the Union", never stating which one and they talked over her whenever she tried to reply. Unions in bed with losers like McGovern and Murray are what is wrong with this city and this country as a whole.

Harry Huckum

Police confirm investigation into city clerk complaint in Worcester.


Only complaint of intimidation filed thus far.

Stephen Quist

@amy - the directions and process is so simple a 1st grader could follow directions and be registered to vote - it is unfortunate that you were unble to follwow the simple directions that thousands of Worcesterites are able to comprehend.
@sandy - I think you have have ignored previous posts whereby I want the Justice Dept. to conduct an investigation
@Paul - I would suggest you have a conversation with D4 City Councilor Sarai Rivera and ask her about the voter intimidation and suppression, illegally tape recording people and the yelling at people to speak english and not spanish......how unbecomming!
@harry - please refer to my first post or ignore if you should so choose........

Stephen Quist

Having spoken with this author on Saturday morning on WCRN 830AM on the Bob Hoekenson show 5-7am..........the author made it very clear he subscribes to partisianship before citizenship.......what is troubling to this author and those with the extremist teaspartiers/activate worc/republiCants is that people are willing to step up and call a spade a spade and call out these anti-Americans and their ugly hidden agenda for exactly what it is.........

Amy LaViolette

@Stephen Quist Yeppers, exactly what I'd expect an elitist, union backing, Pavlovian Progressive to say. What part of "legally have to give" did you not understand? It's funny that we Tea Partiers, who no longer take this crap and have decided to stand up to the evil that is the Pavlovian Progressives, are suddenly the bad guys. We, who have had no voice and no say because our State and Local governments have been consumed with marxist and communists who hate out beloved country and Constitution, refuse to back down are suddenly the problem. You are laughable and I am, at this second, laughing at you. You are scared, you are losing and WE shall over come. wink

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