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Central Mass Tea Party Rallies Against Obama

Thursday, October 04, 2012


Tea Party members gathered around the bar at the Paxton American Legion on Wednesday to watch the presidential debate and gear up for the final month before Election Day.

Taxes, healthcare, regulation and the economy were the most popular topics of discussion during the Leicester-Paxton-Rutland-Holden Tea Party Group's October meeting. A win for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama this November was also high on the agenda.

"One's a mechanic, the other's a politician," said Linda Dagley-Duval, arguing that Romney understands how business works and how to get things done, while President Obama spends his time just telling people what they want to hear.

Issues With The President

Jim McGrath said he wanted Obama out of office and a new administration that respects the Constitution to take the Democrat's place.

"This guy's doing everything by executive order," he said.

"Every bill that comes up should be vetted by Congress to see if it's constitutional."

Don Young also called for a back-to-basics approach when it comes to checks and balances and the role of the Department of Justice.

"How can we decide which laws we are to obey and which one's we're not?" he asked. "The whole thing falls apart."

While many Tea Partiers criticized the Obama administration's less than rigorous approach to apply the Constitution, they were equally harsh on what they see as overzealous government regulations introduced during the past four years.

"Let us regulate ourselves," Dagley-Duval said. "Let us do what needs to be done."

For Dave Lundergan, a programmer, the current state of the economy is the biggest issue in the presidential race, and Obama's plan to raise taxes is not the answer.

"You have to raise revenues, not rates," he said.

McGrath said job creation is the key to turning the country around and would solve many of the other problems that have plagued the U.S. in recent years.

After the economy, the nation's healthcare system was high on the list of problems to tackle, and Obama's Affordable Care Act was universally unpopular among the Tea Party members, but the pre-Obama healthcare system did not fare much better with the crowd.

"It needs to be revamped totally," Lundergan said, arguing that offering individual rather than company plans and breaking out health insurance for major procedures to give consumers more choice is the right direction to go.

Oust Obama Coalition

Bud Laureyns was one of several local Tea Party members also involved with the Oust Obama Coalition (OOC), and the grassroots group is ramping up its efforts to make sure the Democrat does not see a second term in the Oval Office.

Laureyns said the OOC will launch its phone bank system this weekend to target voters in battle ground states where they will try to turn the tide for Romney, and on October 13 they will be organizing a bus trip up to New Hampshire to go door-to-door spreading their message.

While Laureyns and his fellow Tea Partiers readily admitted that Obama will likely win Massachusetts this election, they believe that making sure he does not win nationally is a cause worth fighting for.

"We've got an economy that's going to the toilet, and it's not going to get better," said Laureyns.

"Sadly, the young people today are the ones that are going to suffer." 


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Iron Mike Farquhar

Romney Wins Round #1!

Lands a knockdown: “Trickle down Government...” vs Obama's lame “economic patriotism”.

I thought Obama looked like he'd taken something to stay alert, and that about 45 minutes into the event it was wearing off – visibly.

Mitt looked energetic, poised, statesmanlike and presidential.

Obama looked defensive, whipped, petty, and tired, as if he couldn't wait to be 'retired'. Could it be he's found that actually DOING a job is a lot tougher than talking about it?

Stephen Quist

Most of these teapartier events seem to be located in drinking establishments even if they don't have a liscense to sell alcoholic beverages which in Worcester is AGAINST THE LAW........
Funny thing is there are some bloggers that feel in a debate you can outright lie to the American people and try to get away with it......
Point by point voting Americans are now seeing the true flip-flopping mitty and it will be crystal clear come election day that the IHOP'er Hall of Famer is just an unmitigated disaster.......
IHOP'er Hall of Famer flip-flopping mitty is too well known an entity that it will never translate into a victory come November....
Remember the stance flip-flopping mitty takes today will be changed as needed depending on who the audience it is he is speaking before.....

Iron Mike Farquhar

Mister Quist, - do you have ANYthing of substance to offer in defense of Obama – other than flailing your arms and accusing better men than you of lying?

Our Great National Experiment in Affirmative Action – electing a Black man with no résumé – and HOPING that he would somehow quickly grow into the job – has been an unmitigated disaster.

A Nobel Peace Prize [for not being Bush] cannot gloss over his endless string of failures, - it cannot gloss over our high unemployment, - our reduced credit rating, the BILLIONS of our tax $$ squandered on his 'green' projects, or our $16.1 Trillion national debt.

The experiment has been an abject failure. It's time to elect a grown-up to clean up the mess the child has made. I for one am tired of the angry anti-American empty socialist suit called Obama.

Stephen Quist

rusty mike can you offer a defense of flip-flopping mitty?
Quite frankly your last post is starting to reek of racism and I never thought you would lower yourself into the gutter like that but then again when a teapartier do what the teapartiers do wallow in the mud.....
Stock market back to level before the unmitigated disaster which would be the bush/cheney admin crashing our economy to the depths not seen since the great depression, war in iraq over (a war started under false pretenses) war ending in afghanistan, unemployment under 8%, American affordable care act passed, ledbetter law signed into effect, as promised where bush/cheney failed to get bin-laden Obama did the job bush could have cared less for, 3 major trade treaties signed creating more employment opportubnities for Americans, a complete destruction and dismantling of bin-ladens terrosits orginizations (still ongoing,....etc.....I can keep going all day - so rusty mike your turn to defend the flip-flopping mitty because I will certainly supply all 12 lies he spoke of during the first debate and his history of talking out of both sides of his mouth but I digress....your up rusty mike......tbc......

Iron Mike Farquhar

AGAIN Mister Quist, may I humbly suggest that if YOU still like Mister Obama – say so and defend his empty chair.

Bush & Cheney have served their eight years. They're not running for re-election, - YOUR empty chair is.

At high noon on Jan 20th 2009, Obama had several options before him – along with a crowd of over 1,000,000 adoring fans.

- He ~ could ~ have chosen to be a GREAT president...

- He ~ could ~ have settled for being a good president...

- Sadly, he chose to be Barack Obama.

We and the world are four years worse off for it. So is he.

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