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Common Wealth: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in Mass Politics?

Friday, September 28, 2012


Every Friday, GoLocalWorcester takes a look at who's rising and falling in the Massachusetts political world.


Jim McGovern: Even though the Congressman is not facing a Republican opponent this November, he has stayed active on the campaign trail in Central Mass. McGovern joined former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley at Thomas Auto Body in Worcester to hear from local business owners and drum up support for Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren's new small business coalition.

John Tierney and Richard Tisei: Democratic Representative Tierney and his Republican challenger Tisei surprised everyone when they actually focused on the issues Thursday afternoon in their first debate at North Shore Community College. While the two candidates traded shots, they left the personal out of it, a refreshing change of pace in the current political climate.

Elizabeth Warren: In a week where the Massachusetts Senate race was largely beset by attacks and distractions, the Democrat picked up endorsements from Senator John Kerry and Boston Mayor Tom Menino. It's not much, but with the contest still close as it heads into its final weeks, every little bit counts.

MCPHS: The health sciences school announced plans to double the size of the student body at its Worcester campus over the next six years. The influx of new students--and all the development and economic activity they'll bring with them--will be a boon to the city's downtown area.

John Kerry: The Senator received a 100-percent rating from the American Association of University Women Action Fund for his work on and support for legislation advancing equality for the country's women. The nod to Kerry is a bright spot in an election season that has seen the revival of partisan debates over women's issues that many assumed to be long-settled.


Warren's Native American Heritage: The controversy over whether the law professor ticked a box on her employment papers has persisted for months, distracting from the real issues in the important race. Things came to a head this week with Warren and Brown addressing the Democrats claims in campaign ads, and Native American groups have faulted them both for turning a cultural tradition into a talking point.

Scott Brown: The Republican Senator took a risk by going on the attack and continuing to question Warren's Native American heritage, and he paid the price when video emerged of his staffers and supporters performing tomahawk chops and war whoops. It may be time to get back to the good-guy independent image that helped him win his seat two years ago.

UMass Memorial Layoffs: With recent jobs numbers showing the Commonwealth's unemployment rate inching up to 6.3 percent, the announcement that the healthcare provider will eliminate 140 full-time positions in the coming months does little to boost the outlook for the Massachusetts economy. That the majority of the layoffs will be focused on the Medical Center in Worcester makes the news all the more painful for the city's residents.

MBTA: A state audit released on Thursday found that the T had somehow lost track of more than $100 million in fares between 2006 and 2011. No one knows where the money, gathered by the MBTA's automated fare collection system, went, but with 12 keys to the machines' cash boxes missing, it will be a while--if ever--before it's found.

State Drug Lab: The scandal involving chemist Annie Dookhan that has thrown thousands of Massachusetts criminal cases into jeopardy keeps getting worse. After officials discovered that she lied about an advanced degree on her resume and former co-workers admitted to never voicing their concerns about her work, Governor Deval Patrick said criminal charges are likely to be forthcoming.


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Stephen Quist

Congressman McGovern is a great American patriot and our congressional district is very fortunate to have McGovern representing and fighting for our best interests in DC and fighting the anti-American extremisim permeating and corrupting our political system in the guise of the so called teapartiers........

Iron Mike Farquhar

I hardly know where to begin puking...

It is a sad commentary on American journalism that a piece like this – puffing up and glossing over the careers of serial liars, radical socialists, and arrogant thieves, - passes for reporting.

It's no wonder that the average young voter knows all about the judges and contestants on American Idol – but cannot tell you what Congressional District they live in – OR who their incumbent thief is.

Where is the hard-hitting exposé about Warren practicing law – representing clients – without a Mass Law License?

Where is the outrage over McGovernment's statement “...the Constitution is wrong”?

Where is the outrage over Lurch having his yacht built in New Zealand – and docked in Rhode Island?

Johnny Pockets has the gall to run again – despite his wife and bro-in-laws' convictions, - and Go Local says that race is 'refreshing' – because it isn't mentioned?

No wonder scum like Marzilli feel no shame in getting out of jail and applying for their state pensions.

Stephen Quist

@RustyMike: one part of the article is about an actual true American...like our great American patriot Congressman McGovern and not about the faux pas Americans who espouse their anti-Americanism rightwing radical extremisim advocated for by the repuliCant party/teapartiers and activate worc.......

Harvey Beehive

I'd really like to know what it is exactly that makes McGovern a "great American patriot". From what I've seen, he spends quite a bit of his time in Cuba and Venezuela with socialist despots who wish nothing but the worst for the USA. You people who are praisinf him are either kidding around or totally off your rockers!

Iron Mike Farquhar

Harvey, you are FAR too generous in your opinions of some of these blog maggots.

They live in a make-believe world – where they want the might power of the federal government [or the UN World Government] to come down the street – shaking money from the wealthy – and giving them 'their fair share'.

Essentially they want 'Government by Mediocrity' – where any nose-picking career under-achieving dropout can live a lifestyle as cushy and secure as a CEO [without risk-taking] – with a full range of government issued drugs and services, of course.

They have invested in dreaming about and carping for this make-believe utopia – instead of investing in education, training, hard work, and personal sacrifice. As years go by, they are encased in a cocoon of greed and envy – furiously blaming forces unseen and imaginary dragons. Their lives become very sad.

They are a scary force – because they act and vote based on their fears, their hatreds and their envy.

Socialists like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, - or McGovern, Obama and Warren have learned to sing their theme song. Their policies don't have to make sense, their numbers and budgets don't have to add up, - they just have to appeal to envy and greed.

Harvey Beehive

Mike...I could not agree more with you. I have no use or repect for any of the liberal carrot-snappers who write their moronic drivel here or anywhere else. Thanks for the splash of cold water. I'm back!

Stephen Quist

wow ol rusty mike can sure extrapolate into a complete non-sensical thought process.......especially when we have had facists like bush, cheney, mitch occonnell running amok starting wars on false pretenses and blocking legislation for political gain at the expense of the American people.......all the republiCants try do is conquer and divided between the haves and the have nots..........and that is about as anti-American as one can get

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