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Fecteau: I Think Trump’s Crazy Too

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Senator Jack Reed

Rhode Island's senior United States Senator Jack Reed was recently caught on a hot microphone saying “I think [President Donald Trump’s] crazy.” – I know terrible, isn’t it (sarcasm)? After all the sexist, racist, xenophobic, hateful, and disgusting comments uttered out of Mr. Trump’s mouth, anyone offended by Mr. Reed’s comments should come to grips with reality – if they even live in reality.

In fairness, Mr. Reed has uttered these comments referencing the budget process, and Trump’s ignorance of how the government operates. However, Mr. Reed might as well have been referencing the entire Trump presidency because it has been a roller-coaster ride of pure lunacy.

Mr. Trump’s behavior is not normal. Each day the American people wake up to a new controversy that would be fitting of a high school president, not the president of the United States. Mr. Trump has berated women on their looks, has demanded loyalty from the Boy Scouts of America, remains fixated on Mrs. Hillary Clinton, and criticized his own U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (note: Trump can fire Mr. Sessions). Anytime the main stream media reports his “crazy” behavior, Mr. Trump simply labels it fake news. It should also be noted, Mr. Trump called the former director of the FBI a “nut job” in the White House talking to Russian government officials.

On the foreign stage, Mr. Trump’s outlandish behavior is something of legends. Mr. Trump has said it would be an honor to meet with the authoritarian ruler of North Korea Kim Jong-Un, someone the United Nations has deemed the equivalent of Adolf Hitler or even worse. More recently, Mr. Trump disclosed a covert CIA operation funding Syrian rebels over twitter – yes, Twitter. No adult should act this way; never mind the president.

Trump’s “crazy” behavior is apparently alarming enough members of Congress because they are taking steps to limit some of his executive power. Citing Mr. Trump’s erratic behavior, House Democrats led by Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland have quietly put forth a bill that would remove Mr. Trump from office if he was mentally or physically unfit to serve. Furthermore, members of both parties in the U.S. House of Representatives came together to strengthen sanctions against Russia and constrained President Trump’s ability to nullify the sanctions – looks like some members of Congress are just as concerned as Mr. Reed.

After everything we’ve seen so far, Mr. Reed’s comments were justified, and I just wish more of our elected leaders would say Mr. Trump is crazy far more publicly, rather than accidently on an open microphone. Mr. Trump has some serious issues, and his behavior is completely inappropriate. This is far beneath the dignity of the office he holds, but that is what happens when you elect a reality television star obsessed with attention as a president.   


Matt Fecteau ([email protected]) of Pawtucket, Rhode Island was a Democratic candidate for office in 2014 and 2016. He is a former White House national security intern and Iraq War veteran. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewFecteau   


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