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Gail Huff Brown to Campaign in Worcester

Monday, July 30, 2012


Gail Huff Brown, wife of Republican US Senator Scott Brown, will be in Worcester on Monday for one of her first campaign trail appearances. Huff Brown will speak to supporters and phone bank on behalf of her husband as part of the kickoff for Central Mass Women for Brown.

While this is one of Huff Brown's first campaign appearances, it is not her first visit to the Worcester office.  Huff Brown and her mother, a Worcester resident, delivered cookies to the campaign workers.

Bonnie Johnson, the regional co-coordinator of Central Mass Women for Brown, said that the coalition has become increasingly active in the last two weeks and that Huff Brown’s appearance is important to the group’s success.

“Worcester and Worcester County are a strong community for Scott Brown and this is our way of showing it,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that she was very excited to have Huff Brown come to their event.  

Angela Davis, Chair of the statewide Women for Brown coalition, echoed Johnson and said that the event will enable Senator Brown to expand his base among women in the Worcester region.

“When you look at that area and the amount of support that he got from women last time it’s just tremendous,” Davis said.

In the 2010 special election, Brown won nearly every town in Central Mass except for Worcester, Maynard, and Harvard over Democratic rival and heir apparent Martha Coakley.

Davis founded the Women for Brown coalition during Brown’s first campaign. She said that the organization has over 1,000 members and continues to grow.

Huff Brown is well known in Massachusetts after spending more than seventeen years working for Channel 5, ABC’s local network affiliate. Shortly after her husband was elected Huff Brown took a position with WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., citing a desire to be closer to her husband and daughters.

The event will take place Monday, July 30th from 6-8 pm at the Brown campaign’s Central Mass Victory Office, 18 Grafton Street. The coalition will continue to meet at Mass Victory Office every Monday from 6-8pm.


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Bonnie Johnson

I am looking forward to meeting Gail Huff Brown tonight. It is time for us women to get involved for Scott Brown.

Edward Saucier

I was wondering if Scotty was going to bring her into the picture. Now we'll see how smart she is compared to Mitt's wife. She's made an awful lot of gaffes. Gail will get the gals out to rally for those who want to take away women's rights to make their own choices. Sounds like that tale about the "Stepford Wives" doesn't it. Just do what your told girls, have a cookie and everything will be fine and dandy.

Harvey Beehive

Gail is a bright, classy woman. Much more than I can say about that lying, shreeking shrill Lyawatha....But don't worry "Saucy", just 6 more years and the Dems can roll out another losing pile of garbage to run against Scotty. All the $$ in Hollywood won't get her elected. Heck, even Ray Flynn is for Scotty.

Harvey Beehive

By the way...why isn'y Lying Lizzie letting her hubby get involved? Don't tell me she is against men!

Edward Saucier

Gee Harvey you republicans can really get nasty and call people names. Then you guys get all upset if a dem calls you a name. Why is that? Maybe it's caused by a mental defect? You should have that problem checked out. Do you have health insurance? Your supposed to under Mass. law unless you qualify for an exemption. Do you? If you're covered get checked out, it will make me feel better. OK? Pal, Buddy-boy! Good-Buddy! If nothing else works, go stick your head in a Beehive, that usually works.

Harvey Beehive

Saucy...you sound demented. I think YOU need a psychological evaluation, and a few months in a rubber room. When you get out Scotty Brown will still be your senator!

Harvey Beehive

I can always tell when liberals realize they're going to lose an election. They start getting louder and more and more insane. Just look at Saucy's comments, and listen to Lieawatha speak. What a riot! Go Scott go!!!!

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