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Giorgio: Are You Really Ready for Hillary?

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


Paul Giorgio

Are you “Ready for Hillary” has been the mantra for the Clintonians for the past few years. They are salivating at the prospect of another Clinton Presidency. I loved Bill Clinton as President and so did America and the American economy. But, realistically, Bill Clinton was a moderate in Liberal clothing. He governed from the center. He helped create the Democratic Leadership Conference which was a center to right group in the Democratic Party. Bill Clinton has become much more liberal since he left office in 2000. But then again so has the country especially  on social issues.

So is America ready for Hillary Clinton?  Clearly, she is the most qualified candidate in the race from both parties. She was the country’s First Lady, a two term Senator from New York and Secretary of State for four years. Hillary brings more experience than any other candidate from either party. The Republicans are frightened to death of her. Why else would they have created an entire industry whose sole purpose is to destroy her?  The Republican Party’s battle cry has been Benghazi, but there is no there there. Right Wing California Congressman Daryl Issa has spent millions of tax dollars investigating  the Benghazi attack and can’t find anything.

Rehashing Whitewater

The Republicans will soon bring up Whitewater and Vince Foster, but what Isaa and the right wing rabble he represents haven’t figured out is that the American people have moved beyond that.

Right now Hillary Clinton is the most popular candidate of any party to be running for President. However, that is merely a measure of name recognition. The real question is can she win the Democratic Nomination?  I don’t know the answer to that.  She will never be as popular as she is the day before she announces. This is a lesson Ted Kennedy learned the hard way.  But unlike Teddy, Hillary can and will answer the question-Why Are you running?

The “Ready for Hillary” movement has been going on for at least 18 months. I receive at least 4 to 5 emails a day from them. Quite a few of these emails involve their on-line store which sells clothing, coffee mugs and bumper stickers with the words “Ready for Hillary." It almost makes me wonder if the “Ready for Hillary” movement is nothing more than a retail operation.  It would be fascinating to know how much money they are generating for her possible campaign.

Hillary is ready

It appears that Hillary Clinton is getting ready to run. According to news reports, she has leased office space in the Bronx, New York for a National Headquarters. A smart move, if you don’t want to be seen as the so called Washington candidate. It is also the same model that Bill Clinton used the first time he ran for president. Also, another indication that she is running is that Democratic operatives are being offered jobs. I know several of them.

So is the Democratic Party ready for Hillary?  Are there any alternatives?  The answer to that question is yes. Hillary’s campaign will be built on inevitability. You are either with me or you will be frozen out.

The alternatives

Right know there are two candidates who are testing the waters. One is former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and the other is former Virginia Senator James Webb.  Webb represents the centralist wing of the party while O’Malley represents the next generation of Democratic Leadership. I am discounting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has repeatedly said, she is not running.

One of these two will emerge as the alternative to Hillary Clinton. My bet is on Governor O’Malley. O’Malley comes from a border state, is in his 50’s and has an impressive record of leadership.  He was a Baltimore City Councilor, then mayor and finally a two term Governor.

I have known Martin O’Malley for over 30 years, since we both worked on the Gary Hart campaign. He represents the new leadership of the party and is not constrained by old ideas.

Is America really interested in another Clinton/Bush race? While right now most of the Democratic Party is ready for Hillary, I am ready for somebody new.


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