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Giorgio: Impeachment, Immigrants and Sarah Palin

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We have an immigration problem along our southern border, mostly with the Texas portion.  The border is leaking like a sieve, with hundreds of children fleeing Central America and the drug induced bloodshed that has moved recently from Mexico down to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

A child has a higher chance of being killed in Central America than they do in Chicago’s South Side.

Who are buying the drugs that are causing all the violence in Central America? Americans are. So if we want to stop the influx of children from Central America we need to do something about the drugs and the violence that they cause.

According to news reports, about 1000 unaccompanied children are crossing the Mexican/ Texas border daily in order to turn themselves in and seek asylum in the United States.  This has put a strain on the Border Patrol and ICE in general.

President Obama has asked congress for $3 billion to aid in the effort to halt the border crossings. Part of the money will go to hire Judges, so that we may deport some of the children.

Palin’s Response

Sarah Palin, in response to this, asked for Obama’s impeachment.

Even John McCain, her running mate in 2008, walked away from her on this one. What Palin did does not help to solve the problem, it just added to the hardening of positions. Palin is a fool who can't help playing to the cheap seats. Maybe she should look out her front window and see if any Russians are crossing the border into Alaska.

While congress will send humanitarian aid to the refugee camps of Africa and the Middle East, it is hesitant to send aid to Texas and our border with Mexico.

This has forced the president to send the children to federal and state facilities across the country, including some here in Massachusetts.

I am reminded of a first term Arkansas governor who took in Cuban boat people in 1979 when asked by President Carter. He did the right thing, but Bill Clinton lost his reelection fight. Thank goodness he was able to make a comeback.

The right wing is demonizing the refugees. They are talking about disease ridden children who will infect Americans. This is the same argument used against the Catholic Immigrants to this country at the end of the 19th century. There was disease then, mostly caused by poor living conditions in American cities.

Central American Children are healthier than Texan children

Today, the immunization rate for Central Americans is 93%, because healthcare is free.  The rate among Texas children is 92%, mostly because families must pay for the doctor’s visit. Central American Children, according to the Texas Observer, “are routinely vaccinated against TB, American children are not.”

Bristol County Sheriff weighs in

Lastly, enter Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson into the debate.  Hodgson, a Republican, has been an outspoken critic of the ICE plan to send undocumented refugees to lockup facilities in Massachusetts.  Yet Hodgson has a lucrative contract with ICE to house them in the Bristol County jail. ICE even used the jails buses to transport the refugees to other facilities in New England.

Hodgson also claims that he has received a sick undocumented alien, who he is guarding at a local hospital at a cost of $1 million. That seems excessive. Then again, Hodgson has assigned  2 guards per shift to guard this individual.

Hodgson  also flew to Texas this week to meet with ranchers about the problem. I hope the taxpayers of Bristol County aren’t paying for his publicity stunt.

I would suggest that if the Federal Government and the State of Texas can’t solve the refugee problem, that Sheriff Hodgson can’t either. And that is the crux of the problem.  The Republicans seem fixated on publicity and blaming the President rather than solving the refugee problem.

Let’s fix the problem rather than trying to fix blame.

Paul Giorgio is a longtime Democratic Party Activist who has worked on numerous campaigns. He was a Lead Advance Person for President Clinton & Vice President Gore. He was Deputy Director of Special Events for President Clinton’s first Inauguration. He has been elected a delegate to numerous Democratic National Conventions and recently served as one of President Obama’s representatives on the Platform Committee. In 2013 he was chosen as a Presidential Elector. He is the President of Pagio, Inc., publishers of Pulse Magazine, Vitality Magazine and Worcester Medicine.


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