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Giorgio: The Remake of the 1980s Hit TV Show - Dynasty

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Over the past two days two candidates formally announced for President, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. These twin announcements got me thinking about the 1980s TV show, Dynasty, starring John Forsythe set in Denver. The night time soap opera which ran for almost ten years focused on the exploits of the Carrington family.

2016 may bring about the rerun of that soap opera. As we watch two dynasties clash for the ultimate prize- the Presidency of the United States.

The Bush Clan

On one side we have the Bush clan, headed by Poppy Bush. Poppy Bush aka George H.W. Bush, the wealthy leader of the family and the son of Prescott Bush, a Conneticut Senator moves the old New England Yankee family to Texas for a new start. This is similar to what Michael Corleone did in the American classic, the Godfather. If you remember, he moved his family to Las Vegas Nevada.

The Bush clan expanded its power as Poppy becomes, CIA Director, Vice President and eventually, President of the United States. 

Poppy has two sons George w and Jeb (John Ellis). One becomes the Governor of Texas and the other of Florida, two pretty big windfalls in the Electoral College.

In a family sit down they decide that George, will run for president first. They steal the election from Al Gore in Florida and George W. serves two terms, destroys the American economy, gets us into a couple of wars and then retires to a ranch in Texas .

The Clinton Family

The Bush family is pitted against its rivals the Clintons, a husband and wife team from Arkansas.

The dirt poor Clintons scratch and claw their way to the top in a classic American rags to riches epic. Bill Clinton grows up in a tiny rural town named Hope, becomes governor of a tiny southern state before going on to defeat Poppy Bush for President of the United States, in an earlier episode of the soap opera.

After serving two terms, Clinton retires and his wife, Hillary assumes the leadership of the family, becoming the Unites States Senator from New York and then Secretary of State. While this is going on Bill Clinton amasses a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars. The stage is then set for a showdown between the two families.

24 Years in the Making

In a battle that started in 1992 and culminates 24 years later, the families face off for the ultimate prize control of America.

So in 2016 we have what maybe the final chapter in this battle of Dynasties. The audience will be glued to their seats as they first try to figure out if Jeb can move far enough to the right to defeat his rivals. We know the Bushes are capable of lying and cheating their way to the top from earlier episodes of the drama. Remember how Poppy Bush made the famous “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge and once elected raised taxes. Or how about George W, swift boating John Kerry in their dust up.

After lying his way to the nomination, does Jeb get to face rival gang leader Hillary in a climatic ending to the TV drama?

Will Hillary Survive Until the Final Episode?

Can Hillary make it to the general election or will she be

gunned down by Bernie Sanders, the newly minted leader of the anti Clintons. In another twist of the plot will she be ambushed by young upstart Martin O’Malley who has taken over the leadership of what was once known as the Hart gang. This gang, based in Colorado, seized control of the Democratic Party back in the 70’s and has been seeking a chance to come out of the shadows.

The final episode takes place in November of 2016. Miss(trust) Hillary is in a close fight with Jeb, “I will win at any cost” Bush.

People will wonder what will happen. Will we get another war and a destroyed economy with the elderly losing their retirement funds under the new Bush. Or will we have to endure four years of endless attacks on Miss Hillary and the First Gentleman, Wild Bill Clinton.

How will the series end?

Only time will tell how the soap opera ends, but it will have us glued to our seats and TVs as we watch the final chapter of DYNASTY. Or is it? Will the script writers carry this on into the future as Chelsea takes on a Bush grandson or granddaughter for ultimate glory and the earth shattering sequel to Dynasty?


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