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Giorgio: The Republican Presidential Clown Car

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Jeb Bush

The list of Republican candidates for president just keeps on growing. We now may have the largest field of candidates that either party has ever fielded.

The question is: why? I presume it is because the Republicans think that they have a lock on the presidency in 2016. They are betting that after eight years of Barack Obama, Americans will switch parties.

They all believe that that country has turned on Obama and the Democrats. I believe that they are wrong.

Three Tiers

The Republican field is so crowded that Fox News, the sponsor of the first Republican presidential debate, has set a threshold for participation. The field has three tiers. The top tier has to include Scott Walker, Jeb Bush ,Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Senator Lindsay Graham and Governors George Pataki, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabbie and Bobby Jindal don't make the top, but maybe are in the middle tier.

The bottom tier includes Texas Governor Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum and Dr. Ben Carson. This list doesn't even include the clown of the pack, Donald Trump.

The two top candidates, Scott Walker and Jen Bush are tied at 12 percent in the most recent poll, with Paul, Rubio, Cruz, Huckiabie and Carson a point or two behind.

Republicans Are Running on the Past

Scott Walker

The Republicans are still running in 2016 on the social issues which I believe have been settled by the American people.  The problems for the Republican candidates are that they are playing to the base which has moved further to the right during the Obama presidency.  Unfortunately for them, the public has not done the same.

Each day one of them comes up with a new dumb idea. They are not satisfied, just to take on Obama care. By the way, which seems to be working just fine, with millions of Americans now receiving health care, who did not previously. Just try to take that away.

No Guinness Beer

For example, last week, in light of the vote in Ireland to legalize marriage equality, Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana Governor stopped trade with the Emerald Isle.  This means no Guinness beer or Jameson's coming into Louisiana and no Tabasco sauce finding its way to Dublin. It is this kind of stupidity that will cost Republicans votes.

Rick Perry another GOP candidate and a former Texas Governor supported secession for Texas. Wasn’t that argument lost when the Confederate States lost the Civil War way back in 1865?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-Canada) railed against aid for Hurricane Sandy but is now asking the Feds to help Texas out with storm relief. Can you spell hypocrite?

Ted Cruz

The Republican clown car is full with far right extremists and just shear wackiness. That car is being driven by the king clown-Donald Trump. This clown with the world’s worst comb over has driven the debate into utter foolishness.

In order to win, the Republicans need to stay away from the social issues and focus on things such as the economy and foreign affairs, but they can’t help themselves. They think America really buys into their social agenda.

Scaring People

The Republican strategy is clear-scare the American public and bash Obama.

Remember the 2014 midterm elections? Do you remember Ebola? Well not one word has been written about Ebola since that election. Ebola was used to stir up anti immigrant sentiment in order to win the US Senate for Republicans and it worked.

The Republican clown car can’t run on the economy, because the economy is doing great. The unemployment rate is down and the stock market is up.

They can’t run on war because the American people are tired of fighting wars in the Middle East.

They can’t run on the social issues, because everyone in America except the far right Christians don’t care who most people love.

The Republicans may be out of touch and out of luck in 2016.


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