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Guest MINDSETTER™ John Miller: Candidate for Attorney General

Thursday, September 18, 2014


My name is John Miller and I am running for Attorney General. I have had the honor of living in Massachusetts since Fall 1970 when my parents drove me down from our Connecticut home to begin college at M.I.T. During my years at M.I.T., I played basketball, rowed crew and earned degrees in civil engineering and soil mechanics.

After graduating from M.I.T., I attended Boston University School of Law, graduating with an advanced degree in tax law and later went on to earn a doctorate in infrastructure systems back at M.I.T.. I have worked for over 30 years to create practical solutions to complex legal and legislative issues in the private sector. You could say I am a bit of a wonk, and with the way money has been spent in the statehouse, that mindset may be just what this office needs.

Beacon Hill has been mired in corruption and political jockeying for far too long. Sadly, this has been at the cost of the taxpayer. One of the primary reasons I’m running is to re-establish what existing law already provides — a heavy penalty paid by politicians and officials that abuse their power or convert taxpayer dollars for their own benefit. You’re the client and your tax dollars will not be wasted on contracts given out without proper review from your lawyer, the Attorney General.

The next Attorney General will need to openly discuss and identify ways to better serve and protect the public safety of citizens across Massachusetts. Far too many of our six million citizens and families are personally touched by crime and by drug abuse. On behalf of them, we need to do a better job of sharing information and implementing new technologies to fairly and effectively implement a fact-based justice system.

It’s time for an Attorney General who will lead an open dialog with the public and with leaders from across the state’s law enforcement team. One of my first acts as Attorney General will be to organize and host a Crime Summit with broad participation from the public and from across government. We need to pull together, using 21st century technology and communications to wisely tackle crime and its effects on all our citizens.

Finally, as Attorney General, I won't sit back and let the federal government release illegal immigrants into our state without first protecting the civil rights of Massachusetts residents and citizens. Massachusetts is now a border state and it's time to act like one. As your Attorney General, I will hold the federal government accountable for monies taken from Massachusetts citizens, cities and towns to fund this federal responsibility. You are the client. The Attorney General's office is the people's law firm. I will fight to protect you from seeing scarce tax dollars diverted to fund a federal obligation.

In the past, Attorney Generals have represented a letter, either D, R, or I. For me, the politics end on election day. It's time Massachusetts had an Attorney General who was focused on the job at hand, not one who is positioning themselves for a future office. If elected, I would enter the statehouse with a simple principle; the constitution and the law, rather my personal position, should determine the actions I set forth in doing.

On November 4, you can alter the norm of partisan bickering and political play-making on Beacon Hill. I hope to have your vote.


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