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How Pro-Choice is Scott Brown?

Friday, August 24, 2012


Senator Scott Brown has billed himself as a pro-choice Republican on the campaign trail, but groups on both sides of the debate seem to indicate that his position isn't so black and white.

During the 2010 special election, when Brown was up against Democratic challenger Martha Coakley for the late Ted Kennedy's seat, the pro-life group Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL) endorsed his candidacy.

Pro-Life Group Says Brown's Pro-Choice

This time around, MCFL is withholding its endorsement of Senator Brown.

"We don't endorse a candidate who isn't pro-life," said the group's president Anne Fox.

"He says he's pro-choice and he is."

But the lack of an official endorsement does not mean MCFL will not recommend that its supporters vote for Brown, who Fox said has voted with MCFL on the bills the group feels are important.

Fox noted that Brown has opposed federal funding for abortions, partial-birth abortions and federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

"Those are the things that we were looking for him to vote with us on," she said.

"We just look at the voting record, and he votes with us."

Pro-Choice Group Says He's Not With Them

Megan Amundson, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, agrees with Fox's assessment of Brown's voting record.

"While Scott Brown calls himself pro-choice, in reality he voted pro-choice just once out of the five times issues of choice came to a vote on the Senate floor," Amundson said.

"One pro-choice vote out of five doesn’t make Scott Brown a trust-worthy defender of women’s right and access to full health care coverage."

NARAL Pro-Choice America, which is distinct from the Massachusetts group, has endorsed Elizabeth Warren in this year's Senate race, Amundson said. NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts does not have a federal PAC.

Votes Paint More Nuanced Picture

Brown has previously stated his support for Roe vs. Wade and took the unprecedented step of sending a letter to Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus calling for the party to adopt a more open stance on abortion.

He also went against the party line last year when he joined Democrats in opposing efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

However, Brown supported and co-sponsored the Blunt amendment, which would have allowed employers to opt out of providing contraception coverage for employees based on their religious beliefs.


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Harry Huckum

Margaret Sanger the founder of the abortion / planned parenthood movement referred to blacks and Hispanics as the " weeds of society " and she viewed abortion as the " weed killer ".

Abortion is government instituted racism that culls the weeds and planned parenthood makes a massive PROFIT for killing these WEEDS using taxpayer monies.

Harvey Beehive

The question as to "how pro choise" Scott Brown is makes no sense. Its not a matter of degree. One either is or isn't. If he says he is, that's it.

Iron Mike Farquhar

He is pro-abortion. So is Pocahontas Warren. Whatever decision voters make won't be made on THIS issue. Warren is a lifetime habitual liar, box-checker, foreclosed house-flipper socialist elitist - who draws a $350K Harvard salary and complains how the price of college has gone up.

I'll hold my nose and vote for Brown.

Edward Saucier

Well, as Liz Warren pointed out: Scott Brown voted for the Blunt amendment to limit women's access to birth control and cancer screenings. So it doesn't look like he's pro-choice. He says yes he is but he votes no I'm not.

When a news reporter asked Scott Brown to respond to Liz Warren's statement that he supports the national Republican agenda. Scott Brown replied: "I don't need Professor Warren talking or speaking or commenting on my votes." So my guess is that applies to anyone questioning his voting record. He's a "Don't look at my voting record, listen to what I say" kinda guy. Which is probably why his senate pals call him "Slippery." Only a fool would vote for Scott Brown.

Hye Aghcheg

Brown has expressed his views on abortion very clearly. He is Pro-Choice. He, himself is Pro-life, but he believes a woman should be able to make that decision for herself and that the government should not intervene.

Harvey Beehive

Only a total idiot would vote for Lying Lizzie...

Harry Huckum


Google "Moron Vote"

Ed: They are not referring to GOP voters pal.


Iron Mike Farquhar

To Harvey,

The usual union fools will vote for Obama and Lizzy - because their corrupt leaders tell them to...

Tim Meisner

Looking for a fun way to help Elizabeth Warren take down Scott Brown in MA? Purchase a pair of these bad boys:


A dollar of every sale goes to her campaign.

Harvey Beehive

Harry....you are very correct. The democrat party is nothing more than a hodge-podge of various minority groups of malcontents with various gripes. Not totally, but women (lesbian) activists, blacks, homosexuals, union dopes, latinos, college students and their 60's professors, etc. Many of these people are unemployed, idealistic, or too dumb to figure out how to do things for themselves, and have figured out that perhaps they can vote their way to what they think is some level of prosperity. In reality, they live off of what I throw away, which is what democrats give them. As long as the democrats can keep them all on the "plantation" of free give-aways and convince them that the GOP is the boogy man, they will continue to get their votes. Sick, isn't it?

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