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slides: If Sen. Kerry Becomes Sec. of State - See the Domino Effect

Saturday, November 10, 2012


U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is on the shortest of short lists to succeed Hillary Clinton as President Barack Obama's next Secretary of State. The list is comprised of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice and Kerry. The appointment of Kerry sets off a political domino effect in Massachusetts politics and the impact could reach from Boston to Worcester.

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John Kerry

The first domino to fall could be the Commonwealth's senior Senator John Kerry - he gets named to serve as U.S. Secretary of State.

That creates a a vacancy for a very sought after U.S. Senate seat.

According to Business Insider, "Russia would like to see U.S. Senator John Kerry replace Hillary Clinton once the U.S. Secretary of State steps down at the start of President Barack Obama's second term."

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Scott Brown

Scott Brown is a great candidate for U.S. Senate in non-Presidential years.  

The moderate Republican dispatched Martha Coakley two years ago, and convential wisdom is that he would be an odds-on-favorite to gain re-election if it had not been a Presidential year and Elizabeth Warren did not have $30 plus million to spend.

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Martha Coakley

The Attorney General is trying to recreate her image by prosecuting Tim Cahill.  An acquittal ends her career, but a conviction gives her a much needed win.

Coakley wants to resurrect her career.

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Tom Menino

Mayor for Life Tom Menino might be getting bored in Boston. The opportunity to grab a U.S. Senate seat is appealing.

The Boston Mayor has all the money necessary for a short campaign and many would be supportive of moving him out of City Hall.

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Joe Kennedy

The former Congressman and head of Citizens Energy has his share of baggage.  

For most people it might hold them back from returning to political office, but an open Senate seat in Massachusetts and a Kennedy is like a shark to blood in the water.

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Young Kennedy

He just won his first election and now claims a seat in the United States Congress, which would be enough for most people, but this 32-year-old Kennedy is looking like he is on a rocket to the White House.

If he passes on running for the open seat, it could be decades for the seat to open again. The new Congressman would be bold to run for the Senate after just getting elected, but that is the family trait.

Educated at Stanford and Harvard Law - he won't think twice about a run for an open seat. Name recognition might help.

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Steve Grossman

Always ambitious - Steve Grossman is another that will take a hard look. National Democratic and Jewish-lobby connections make him a natural for a run for the U.S. Senate.

He would be able to finance a race without a problem, and it would get him to the level he has always sought.

Educated at Princeton and Harvard Business School - his resume is A-Level.

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Richard Tisei

Tisei still can't beleive he did not beat John Tierney and win a seat in the U.S. Congress.

The former Bush White House Intern is the perfect Republican for Commonwealth politics - smart, progressive on social issues and moderate on fiscal issues. 

But, he still lost to a very damaged Tierney. If Brown passes on the open seat, look for Tisei to jump in.


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Iron Mike Farquhar

Mass voters JUST lined up airhead Cherokee Lizzy Warren to become our 'Senior Senator' - a title Lurch waited decades for. Lizzy might make it even before being sworn in.

Given Warren's fraud-filled résumé, - maybe Mass Dems should be thinking about candidates like Wilkerson, DiMasi, 'Take-a-Buck Chuck', Gallucio, Johnny Pockets, or Willy Lantigua as having the required 'credentials' and necessary 'voter appeal'?

Are there no Kennedys left with enough DUI convictions or messy affairs?

But WAIT! Our chance to make History again - the first Transgender US Senator! Quick, somebody call Chaz Bono! Or,...maybe the first Illegal Alien US Senator...?

Harvey Beehive

Here's how it will play out. Kerry retires to the Sec. of State post so he and his wife can do some travelling on the taxpayers. Gov. Pee Wee Patrick then resigns, which makes Tiny Tim our Gov. Tiny Tim then appoints Peww Wee to the open senate seat and blocks a run for it by Scott Brown. We now have Lizzy from Oklahoma as our senior senator and Pee Wee from Illinois as our junior senator. See how nicely it all works?

Iron Mike Farquhar

You forgot...when it looked like Gov Romney might get to appoint a replacement for a dying Teddy, the legislature [pack of craven Democratic thieves] passed a law revolking that authority.

THAT'S why we held a special General Election to replace Teddy when he FINALLY died - on Duh-val's watch.

And if Lurch quits - same deal - another Special Election - primary AND General - to fill that empty seat.

when Duh-val quits - you can be sure Tiny Tim will visit the State Police Crime Lab . . . a certain black box from a wrecked executive cruiser...

Harvey Beehive

Mike..correct, But what makes you think the legislature in Boston won't repeal the law which revoked the authority? You really don't believe the Democrats will actually risk an election letting the people decide, do you? Just sayin'.

Edward Saucier

What's that got to do with pizza anyway?

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