The Democratic hopeful warned against attacks from Rove and his SuperPAC, but there was little evidence to back up the campaign's claims." />

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Is Warren Crying Wolf on Karl Rove?

Saturday, September 01, 2012


The campaign for Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren issued a press release on Friday calling on Republican Senator Scott Brown to tell Karl Rove and the SuperPAC Crossroads GPS to keep out of the Massachusetts race.

The release came after a story in Friday's edition of the Boston Globe reported a meeting between Brown and the Bush-era advisor in Tampa on Thursday.

According to another report in BusinessWeek, Rove met with high-level Republican donors earlier that same day for a screening of television ads produced by Crossroads GPS.

“Massachusetts voters don’t need Karl Rove coming into our state," said Warren Campaign Manager Mindy Myers.

"In too many races across the nation, Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS have spent millions airing false, negative ads to help Republican candidates. These attacks – funded by secret donors – do a disservice to voters."

Attached was a copy of a letter written by Warren and addressed to Rove, wherein the candidate requested Rove and Crossroads GPS respect the People's Pledge signed by the two candidates and refrain from running attack ads in the Bay State.

Same Tactic, Different Target

The Warren campaign released a similar statement less than a week earlier after comments from the head of the banking SuperPAC Friends of Traditional Banking surfaced in a National Mortgage News article.

Under the People's Pledge, if an outside group buys television ads in Massachusetts to help either Warren or Brown, the benefiting candidate must then make a donation equal to half the amount spent on the ads to a charity of his or her opponent's choice.

Brown has already made contributions in excess of $35,000 to the Autism Consortium thanks to the agreement.

The difference this time around: the group soliciting donations is the Warren campaign itself.

Within hours of the initial press release, the Warren campaign had sent an email to supporters entitled "Karl Rove's back" seeking $5.00 contributions "to help Elizabeth fight back against Karl Rove and his Republican friends."

Scant Evidence for Claims Against Crossroads

Yet even as the Warren camp sounded the rallying cry, the evidence backing its claims against Crossroads GPS and Rove was beginning to crumble.

Globe Politics Editor Glen Johnson backpedaled on the alleged meeting between Brown and Rove, admitting that though the two were together in the Tampa Marriott when he observed them, they also had separate tables in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts-related ad screened during the Crossroads presentation was revealed to be one of two ads the group produced and ran in the Bay State in late 2011, prior to the candidates signing the People's Pledge in January of this year.

In addition, Crossroads GPS has given no indication that it intends to make any further expenditures in Massachusetts, according to an individual close to the organization.

There have been no SuperPAC ad purchases from Boston-based television stations.

For Warren, A Risky Play

Expert observers say the Warren campaign's effort to advance the anti-Rove narrative shows the Democrat, trailing Brown by 5 points in the latest Public Policy Polling data, backed into a corner.

"Karl Rove is such an attractive target for Democrats that it is no surprise Warren went after him," said the Brookings Institute's Darrell West.

"Waving the Rove towel is a great way to mobilize the base."

Still, said Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report, the charges lack substance.

"This has more to do with fundraising than anything else," she said.

"Warren gets to invoke Rove's name, which is a hot button for donors, and suggest that Crossroads is suddenly a threat. Everyone gets the joke, except the donors."

While the potential surge of support may bolster Warren's campaign--and its bank account--the move is not without its risks, said UMass-Lowell's Dennis "DJ" Deeb.

Poll numbers aside, Warren has an advantage in sharing a party with President Barack Obama, who is predicted to win Massachusetts by a reasonably wide margin.

But her recent attempts to paint Brown the same shade of red as the rest of the GOP could backfire if she's perceived as a negative campaigner.

"If she comes off completely as a naysayer it negates any advantage she has as a Democrat in this race," Deeb said.

Casting Rove as the antagonist in the Senate race means campaigning against a shadow opponent at the cost of promoting her own positive image.

"Karl Rove and his machine are much more focused on the presidential election," said Deeb.


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Iron Mike Farquhar

Once again we see the TaxoCrats using the straw man argument [aka 'the Bogyman] to create the illusion of Hillary's 'Vast Right-wing Conspiracy'.

If Lie-a-watha's policies and positions are so solid, WHY does she need to generate voter sympathy with scare tactics and false arguments? This is a woman who only imagines that she is worth her #350K yearly Harvard salary.

Can you ~ imagine ~ this lifetime liar making decisions on national intelligence, national defense, or confirming judges, ambassadors and cabinet officers?

Sandy Williamson

Just "another shiny" object to distract from the real issues.

Hye Aghcheg

Could someone please explain to me, how anyone can take Warren seriously? Is it not true that her campaign has received more donations from out of state folks (Hollywood Democrats) than in-state voters? And is Brown supposed to avoid all venues where other Republicans are in attendance, without facing bogus accusations such as this? Elizabeth Warren needs to wake up; she's going to lose the election to Brown based on her own lack of merits!

Harry Huckum

Demos sues and forces the taxpayers to fund a GOTV campaign for the layabouts all orchestrated by George Soros the convicted felon on her behalf and we are supposed to worry about who?

Karl Rove?


Edward Saucier

Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of "Bush's Brain?" The only thing we do know is that it is evil. Rove will stop at nothing, except telling the truth, to get what he wants. I don't think Scott Brown will get a lot of money from Crossroads, but what do I know? I do know that any agreements between Brown and Warren won't amount to a hill of beans as far as Karl Rove is concerned.

Hello - I see we have the Three Stooges plus one back on the circuit. Spreading all that hateful heaping pile of crap all over the place. HooRah!

Iron Mike Farquhar

Ahh, Eddie the Scourge is back – and immediately calling us names.

I'd rather have Karl Rove [he loves our country] behind our next president than say the combination of – Michelle Robinson, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Kevin Jennings, Khalid al-Mansour, Wade Rathke, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, Cass Sustein, Carol Browner, Kathleen Sebelius, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Then there is Obama's 'special buddy' Dmitry Medvedev...

I can't wait to have an America-loving Patriot as our next President. This has been a terrible 44 months...I have NEVER been so afraid for my Country!

Sandy Williamson

Mike, don't you mean the "King of the Vacuous Mind". In capable of any semblance of civl discourse, Edward goes instantly to name calling backed by opinions with no factual backing. Yet, he gets one thing precisely correct when he says of himself, "but what do I know?" The answer is clear: Nothing.

Edward Saucier

Yeah, it's me calling you names. I'm getting ahead of the curve. Can you dig it? Gotta go, all that heaping smelly crap of yours is seeping through my compooter.

Harvey Beehive

What liberals like Saucier doesn’t seem to realize, is that rational adults must someday decide just how much government intervention they want in their lives. Conservatives believe less is better. Liberals believe more is better. On that basis in America, the only intelligent choice for educated and responsible people is less government. But liberals like to bring it all down to an “us against them” level. They name call and insult those who disagree with them because deep down, they know they are wrong. They think the government is actually helping people (the takers) by giving them the crumbs that fall from the table of the doers in our society. For instance, liberals believe that the success of a government program is measured by how many MORE people apply for it. Conservatives believe the program’s success is measured by how many people get OFF of it. Conservatives don’t advocate tossing people into the streets. We have always advocated helping those in our society who are having a rough time. In fact, conservatives donate more money to charitable causes than do the compassionate liberals. And the top 10% of us pay virtually all of the taxes in this country, while 50% of all Americans pay no taxes at all. Those of us on the conservative side believe that government is more of a hindrance to the human effort. But in spite of a growing government, we have still learned how to succeed. When liberals are running the government, albeit usually badly, conservatives don’t go away, they adapt. Liberals can’t adapt due to the steady diet of coddling and handouts, to which they have become addicted. Conservatives will advance and flourish when there is less government, liberals won’t. But when conservatives advance, they usually bring the liberals along by paying more taxes. In effect, by paying more in taxes, conservatives help to build the very type of government in which they do not believe! Rather than condemn them, liberals should either say “thank you” or say nothing at all.

Stephen Quist

'lyin lizzy warren' wants to make her campaign for the US Senators seat about anything but her abysmal expirience and lack of bringing people together......all people not just her political base and thats where her problem is. Senator Brown represents ALL of Massachusetts and not just the members of one party.
Besides when a person like "lyin lizzy warren" has to lie about her background what other "lies" remain to be uncovered????

joseph blue

Mr. HB, since you went of topic, I’m confused. I noticed that from your statement you must fit in to the ‘liberal’ category. All I read was an “us against them” scenario.
Here lies the problem. Considering yourself wholly one way or the other eventually you’ll find yourself being contradictory to what you think you are. What’s wrong with being independent, or at the least leaning one way? At that point you just might understand another point of view. You’re right, they may not advocate throwing people in the street but they’ll just tell you can get better care in the emergency room. And they may not favor poverty but I always see resistance to raising the minimum wage. And what criteria did you find a ridiculous fact of conservatives give more than ‘liberals’ charitably. I never noticed that there was a check box other than anonymous. And for the 50% that pay no taxes; are those people that don’t work, are they the families that get refunds, or are they in the category of the Romney’s or the big corps (GE) where they pay the minimum or next to nothing (since the big corps are people now). You see in my opinion, it’s the republicans that are the intrusive ones, not the govt. Right now the govt. is what is protecting us from those of your kind. Deregulation eventually just leads to corruption, scheming and manipulation (BAD FOR ALL). And if they had there choice they’d stomp on everything, tell you how to live, take away things that even you may like. And what, there aren’t any successful ‘liberal’ billionaires? So just because you have a different opinion doesn’t make you any more American than I am, you just think you are.

And if you are one of the “us” in the top 10%, stay humble. Remember we’re all not as lucky as you.

Iron Mike Farquhar

Let's keep it simple folks . . . .

Warren [lifetime liar] is using Karl Rove to deflect attention AWAY from her empty resume and her flawed past. She will [God please forbid] make a horrible senator - sort of like the vile Minnesota Clown - Al Franken.

She continues to raise straw-man arguements and vilify Republicans in general, proving she is really a nasty person.

I deeply wish Scott Brown was more Republican,...but compared to Warren, - he is a virtual prince of the land.

Iron Mike Farquhar

10:30 PM Wed: An utterly nauseating moment tonight from DNC in Charlotte as pro-abortion Eliz Warren quoted scripture. Clearly a person devoid of scruples or moral compass.

Does she even 'get it' - 'that what you do to the least of my breathern - you have done to me'?

Half the convention goers booed - loudly - 3 times - when 'God' was put back in the Democrats Platform....

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