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Guest MINDSETTER™ Jennifer Gaucher: Is Government the Problem or the Solution?

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Julia believes that government is the solution. Jen believes that government is the problem.

As America moves “forward” it is important to understand where we have been so we can better prepare for where we are going. History teaches us to look backward and remember via experience and experiment that the success of the United States is built upon we the people thriving in a land of opportunity with unalienable rights enshrined in a revolutionary document intended to limit government.

Julia is a fake, fabricated within Chicago. Jen is real, living outside of Boston.

Revolutionary Concept

We the people built this country on a revolutionary concept of economic and political liberties that promoted personal ambitions and self-interest. Limited government, individual responsibility, and free markets allowed people to better their condition. We established the longest reigning form of government in the world by working hard and taking risks always striving for reward in the form of personal and/or monetary prosperity. Our democracy has flourished on a decentralized form of government of, by and for the people.

312 million Americans and 14 million illegal immigrants live, love and labor in the greatest country in the world because we are guaranteed unalienable rights in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Julia believes America is the land of equal outcome. Jen believes America is the land of equal opportunity.

In America, everyone has the opportunity to strive for excellence, to work hard, to take risks, to fail and hopefully to prosper, personally, professionally and monetarily. But not everyone has the ambition, enthusiasm or motivation to work hard, to achieve and to prosper.

Some choose not “to” because they can. Equal opportunity offers everyone a fair choice. Free-will guarantees an option to buy in or buy out of the American dream.

Julia looks “forward” to government hand outs. Jen looks backward and wonders not what government can do for her but how best to keep hands out of her government.

Social Responsibility vs. Individual Responsibility

Julia prefers social responsibility to individual responsibility. She adheres to a command and control centralized form of government that promotes equal outcome. She believes that it is “fair to share” other people’s money. She has no shame taking from those who prosper so long as she reaps the benefits. She wants to rely on government and ultimately to become dependent on government for survival and protection.

Jen prefers individual responsibility to social responsibility. She wants government to do less so that we the people can do more. From her backward perspective she believes the greatness of America was built on personal and economic freedoms that allowed we the people to remain independent of government.

Julia feels empowered by government. Jen feels empowered by freedom.

Jen sees how the giant cesspool on Capitol Hill and its 50 parasitic statehouse “leech” fields serve as crony capitalist sanctuaries where special interest privileges masquerade as fairness initiatives to override general interests. Jen watches as the perennial political class spends other people’s money, disguises the cost then passes the debt obligation “forward” in return for more time in office to accumulate ever more influence. Jen believes our freedoms are being eroded as our indebtedness escalates.

Julia believes that government knows best how to spend other people’s money. Jen believes that people know best how to spend and save their own money.

Looking backward vs. looking forward

By looking backward, Jen can conclude that 535 entrenched politicians have led us into a $15 trillion abyss and no amount of political compromise, “balanced approach,” or “shared sacrifice” is adequately addressing the source of the unfair debt & deficit dilemmas gushing out of Washington D.C. Julia can’t see red; she can only see “forward.”

Julia is a progressive, meaning moving “forward,” advancing, progressing. Clearly Julia is so obsessed with looking forward to equal outcomes she forgets to look in the rear view mirror.

Jen is a conservative, meaning reluctant to change. She has seen “change” and it is scary. She knows that the principles of limited government, free-markets and individual responsibility must be preserved because she is constantly looking backward. She looks in the rear view mirror and sees the Constitution as the law of the land.

Julia is a “trader.” She has no regrets as she trades her freedoms and liberties for “security and equality” since she can only see “forward.“

Fiscal Chaos

America is not experiencing severe fiscal chaos because we have been unfair. America is in an extreme financial predicament because we have been overly generous. In the name of security and equality unlimited government policies regulate the transfer of power from local control to Washington control by taking from those who produce then redistributing to those who consume.
Jen is a patriot. She can see backward. She has seen the effects of the erosion of liberties and the flouting of freedoms and she is afraid. She understands why the men in Washington’s army fought to escape the tyranny of an oppressive government without pay!

History teaches us that the Revolution was a grand experiment in foresight, fortitude and freedom and that our exceptionalism and prosperity emanates from the Constitution. Looking backward teaches us everything; looking “forward” teaches us nothing.

Julia believes that bigger government, more programs, more handouts, more special interest coddling, and higher taxes equate to a fairer society.

Jen believes that restoring fairness to all includes limiting congressional terms and eliminating congressional pensions. She has concluded that the only way to limit and control government spending is to limit and control congressional terms.

Julia’s allegiance is to her government. Jen’s allegiance is to her country.  

Jennifer Gaucher is an entrepreneur and small business owner in Massachusetts. Her political philosophy has been molded & shaped through the eyes of a private sector producer in a liberal blue bastion of government loving consumers. She served as a local Selectmen from 2003 - 2006 and ran for State Senate in 2004 as part of Governor Romney's Reform Team. She espouses the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and adherence to the constitution. Jennifer can be contacted at [email protected]


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