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Jennifer Gaucher: Wista Airport’s solution. How about a Direct Sale?

Saturday, March 24, 2012


The Wista Airport in the Heart of the Commonwealth, Worcester, Massachusetts is in cardiac arrest and per usual, crash teams of idiot politicians are delegated to stave off yet another sudden death. Butthead bureaucrats prefer slow and steady resuscitation utilizing absurd taxation, wasteful and mindless spending, frivolous fraud, heaps of red ink and red tape and of course negative returns on investment.

Welcome to Wista, the city with an airport with barely any planes and a train station with hardly any trains. And remember the Galleria, a mall with no customer traffic? The parking garage has survived but the mall is now gone. 

The last thing Worcester needs is another “cost overrun project” with “police padding their pockets on details” road that the city will not maintain. 

As a frequent flier, (pardon the pun) of remote, rural, unpaved and urban sections of the city, I would bet big, big casino money that Worcester, Massachusetts has, absolutely, positively and by far, the worst roads in the entire United States. 

Due to the deplorable condition of city roads, Worcester may soon be the first city with no vehicles on their roads. Automobile insurance companies will soon be mandating catastrophic coverage for vehicles travelling to and fro within Worcester. Normal wear and tear on one’s car or truck in Worcester for one week is like normal wear and tear on one’s car or truck for one decade everywhere else in the U.S.

Let’s hope no one in Worcester buys a Chevy Volt. Slamming into an infamous and unavoidable Worcester pothole with voltage dynamite could prove fatal. Soon, health insurance companies will be raising premiums just to cover head injuries sustained while driving in Worcester. 

Real world private enterprises that adhere to proven business doctrine methodologies using balance sheets and income statements know when to bail. And bail they do. 

Of only three McDonald’s fast food joints that have failed in the United States, Worcester’s downtown Main Street location is one of the famed troikas. Legal Sea Foods and Costco previously experienced crash landings in Worcester but are thriving elsewhere.

Why was Krispy Kreme coming to Worcester, then it wasn’t?? Their CEO’s were probably so appalled by the horrendous roads they figured no one would risk driving to their stores so they bailed before they failed.
There are early warning systems that exist in business to quantify risk based on deterioration of vital signs. Real world entrepreneurs and companies, including the healthcare industry, have contingency plans in place in case an unexpected attack occurs and the lack of flow of blood or monies severely limits the ability to survive. 

When one is drowning, lifeguards don’t throw Benjamin’s. 

Writing a business plan to start a vineyard in the Mojave Desert is moronic. Bankers would suggest a visit to “the ward “instead. 

Worcester airport is coding; vital signs indicate death. Massive expenses have preceded the culmination of another government run implosion. 

Politicians and bureaucrats don’t do cost analysis and ROI analysis; they prefer the trial and error approach, a true business model taught at all Ivy league B-schools. 

Building a direct road to Worcester Airport is dumber than sticking a pitchfork in ones eye.

Worcester Airport is on a bad hill in a bad location. There will never be a return on investment! 

A government departure from Worcester Airport is long overdue.

A direct sale to private sector arrivals is the only solution.



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