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McGovern and Bill Bradley Rally Worcester Businesses for Warren

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Congressman Jim McGovern will join former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley in Worcester Tuesday afternoon to drum up support among business owners for Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren's recently announced small business coalition.

McGovern and Bradley, now a corporate director at Starbucks and Raydiance and a partner at investment bank Allen & Company, will head to Thomas Auto Body on Grafton Street at 12:15p.m. to meet with area small business owners.

The event follows the Warren campaign’s launch last week of “Small Businesses for Elizabeth,” which saw hundreds of business owners from around the state voice their support for the candidate's advocacy for small businesses.

At a September 17 event in Dorchester Warren spoke about the importance of local commercial operations in the Bay State.

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of our economy. I am proud to stand with small business owners across the Commonwealth to fight for a level playing field,” said Warren.

“Right now, Washington is rigged to work for the big guys who can hire an army of lawyers and lobbyists. I want to go to Washington to make sure our small businesses here in Massachusetts have a real shot at success.”

"I was honored to meet with Elizabeth Warren when she toured my manufacturing facility in Hyde Park," said Beth Williams, President and Owner of Roxbury Technology, and Co-Chair of Small Businesses for Elizabeth.

"Hundreds of small business owners from across Massachusetts have already joined our group, voicing their strong support for Elizabeth to fight to level the playing field for small businesses."

Republican Senator Scott Brown rolled out his own "Small Business Owners for Brown" coalition at a Woburn event in August, coming on the heels of endorsements for his reelection campaign from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business.

“I am proud to stand with other small business owners across the Commonwealth to offer my enthusiastic support of Senator Brown in his re-election bid,” said Paula Benard, member of Small Business Owners for Brown.

“Since being elected, Scott Brown has stood by small businesses in working to make Massachusetts a business-friendly environment by maintaining regulatory and tax certainty.”

Securing support from small businesses has been a priority for both campaigns as they compete to win votes in the Bay State. The Bush-era tax cuts that have been in effect for the past 12 years are set to expire on December 31 unless Congress acts soon, and many business owners have expressed concerns over the regulatory and tax uncertainty that still looms in 2013 as Election Day draws ever nearer. 


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Harvey Beehive

Oh great, her comes old chrome dome to help. This is what Lizzy needs - a socialist to help her ailing campaign. And Bill Bradley? Really. Why not dig up Hubert Humphrey while they're at it?

Stephen Quist

Jim McGovern is a great American patriot and a tremendous asset to our Congressional District - unfortunately on this issue we disagree completely..........

Stephen Quist

warren article quote: "Right now, Washington is rigged to work for the big guys who can hire an army of LAWYERS and lobbyists...."
Really Elizabeth?
And exactly what do you call an attorney (like you) hired by the largest Insurance company in the country fighting working class laborers men/womwen and denying them healthcare claims for the ASBESTOSIS they were exposed to on the job?
Were you fighting for the average American then?
Were you representing the small guy then?
That would be a big NO on both counts but YOU did recieve $250,000 for your work against the working families fighting this terrible injustice........
Where were you lizzy?

Harvey Beehive

Quist...I can't agree with your assessment of McGovern being a great American in any way at all. He's either standing in some picket line getting arrested, or cozying up to socialist dictators like Chavez and Castro. If he's a great American, I don't know what a lousy one is!

Kristin Mayo

fter Brown’s press conference, Francis Boudrow, business manager for a Boston union representing asbestos workers that has endorsed Warren, and David McMorris, an attorney with Thornton and Naumes, who represented some of the victims in the Travelers case, defended Warren’s record. “The victory she won at the Supreme Court was in effect supporting the victims of asbestos exposure in their right to collect future benefits,” Boudrow said.

Stephen Quist

the endosrement did not come from the poor people that were inflicted with Asbestosis that warren made $250,000 denying the very real claims of workers injured on the job but from an entirely different labor group.......nice try again to obfuscate the facts Kristin - very creative but dead wrong!
@Beeman: on this one we will agree to disagree..........but of course Congressman McGovern is a greata American Patriot........the teapartiers and activate/worc - might actually be able to learn something from McGovern if they would just take the tin foil tri corner hats off for a moment..........

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