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NEW: LeBeau Blasts Rep. Binienda for Ethics Vote

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Republican challenger Bill LeBeau went on the offensive Thursday in his race against Democratic State Representative John Binienda for the 17th Worcester District seat.

After a new report revealed lingering patronage issues in the state's trial court and probation office after Democratic ethics reform measures were instituted, LeBeau railed on the 26-year incumbent for voting against bipartisan ethics reforms put forward months ago.

The report indicated that roughly 1 in 4 staffers hired or promoted by the trial court have relatives working for the state, as well as two-thirds of newly promoted chief probation officers.

“While today’s report showing insiders like my opponent are lining up jobs for relatives is disappointing, it is reprehensible that my opponent had a chance to do something about it but chose not,” LeBeau said.

“Everyone I speak to in the district knows we need to clean up state government yet my opponent sided with the party bosses and gave a green light to more corruption and cronyism on Beacon Hill. It is especially troubling when I consider my opponent has publicly admitted he is one of the insiders who has obtained jobs for people.” 


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Stephen Quist

name one job/relative that Binienda is purported to be "lining up"?
the answer will be deafening silence because the extremist teapartier/activator lebeau has nothing at all to offer the voters except falsehoods, rumors and innuendo..........
a crushing defeat for lebeau come 11/6.....as it should be....lebeau lives in a neo-con bubble and does not reflect the values nor the concerns of the families in the 17th

Stephen Quist

Where was the extremist teapartier Lebeau when it was Rep.John Binienda that saved the families of the Cedar Meadow Lake Water Dist. from having to pay of $1.7m due to eminent domain in 20 years......Rep Binienda was able to introduce special legislation to extend that time frame to 40years..........and extremist teapartier lebeaus position and help for these families......................................MIA he had no idea about what these Liecester families were going through and what was happening..........Rep John Binienda actually represents all the families of the entire 17th......unlike the extremist teapartier lebeau........

Tax Payer Citizen

Hey Steve,
Does the name, Jamie Binienda sound familar? If not, check out this article:

It calls Jamie Binienda, son of Represenative John Binienda, a "Patronage" hire. Binienda refused to comment on the story. Why do you think that was?

Jamie earned, $91,016 2010. What do you think the average person that still has a job in Worcester makes?

Treasurer Steven Grossman responding to revelations by the Globe that the agency defended a discrimination complaint by claiming it had to hire relatives of state legislators or lose funding for the positions, vowed future employees at the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission would be hired solely on merit.

Tax Payer Citizen

Here is another good one:

Stephen Quist

hahaha...........yeah ok.......thats it? ......thats the best you can do?...........and no wrongdoing on the part of Rep Binienda!..........typical flip-flopping romney-like twisting and coloring the truth and outright lying - you should be ashamed

Stephen Quist

btw how long has jb been working for the state? Bonus points if you can answer correctly and honestly

Tax Payer Citizen

Easy, too long;)

Stephen Quist


Bill Moore

Bill LeBeau is running for MA State Representative in the 17th Worcester District which includes Leicester.

I am disgusted with the tone of the gossip and innuendo being made against LeBeau as being fact, contrary to what is being said about Bill LeBeau who served with Honor, Courage and Commitment as a Firefighter, Police Officer and in the Armed Forces.

John Binienda could have eliminated all this nonsense of gossip and innuendo if he would have just agreed to debate Bill LeBeau – what’s there to hide?

Bill LeBeau has these three characters HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT and deserves to receive your vote on November 6th.

Vote for change.

Bill Moore, M.A
Disabled Air Force Veteran
Leicester, MA

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