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Monday, September 17, 2012


Bill LeBeau

The 17th Worcester District Republican candidate Bill LeBeau issued a press release on Monday criticizing his Democratic opponent State Rep. John Binienda for not putting to rest rumors about his time with the Spencer Police Department.

LeBeau was one of the officers who lost their jobs when Spencer disbanded its police department and State Police took over in 1997.

Over the course of the following five years, LeBeau was the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against the Town of Spencer seeking back pay owed and reinstatement of the officers to their previously held positions for lack of due process.

Another individual from the department faced assault and drug charges, and now rumors are alleged to be circulating among Binienda's supporters linking those charges to LeBeau.

"I certainly thought that this stuff was settled over 10 years ago," he said.

After leaving the Spencer department, LeBeau worked for several years as a police officer at Assumption College before moving on to his current occupation as a truck driver.

Central to that trial was a document known as the Clark Report. The 540-page report was presented in the 2001 trial, and Worcester District Attorney John Conte dismissed it as containing uncorroborated allegations and hearsay and publicly stated there was no basis for any criminal prosecution of anyone mentioned in it.

LeBeau said he did not believe the report was ever made public and no one ever admitted to having released it.

However, rumors of its existence and contents have surfaced in recent months, and LeBeau said he believes they are originated from Binienda's campaign.

Binienda, who has held the 17th District seat for the past 26 years and has not faced a challenger in 12 years, said he has not said a word about his opponent.

"I don't know about his past," Binienda said.

"I know that he was a police officer in Spencer and he's a truck driver now. I assume he retired."

Binienda denied any knowledge of the rumors or their dissemination by his campaign, yet the Representative was previously quoted in the Telegram & Gazette saying, "All I know about LeBeau is that he was fired as a Spencer police officer. He knows what he was fired for."

LeBeau claimed that the rumors of his firing from the department have been circulating for several months, and Binienda never asked him about their veracity.

"I wish that he had asked me directly," LeBeau said. "I would have answered any of his questions."

Binienda said he has only met LeBeau on one occasion and characterized it as pleasant.

"I talked to him on primary day standing in front of the Leicester polls," he said.

LeBeau is calling on his opponent to address the false rumors and get the race back on track as Election Day nears.

"It's on the Representative to do the right thing here and make this right." 


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Stephen Quist

So if I get this right: LeBeau is getting his ass kicked in the run up to the election and he only now comes out with specious allegations with no proof whatsoever. Pack it in LeBeau, if thats all you got in your bag of tricks you are toast.

Tax Payer Citizen

No, I think LeBeau decided that things were going too far when Binienda's daughter was heard having an argument in a public bar and started saying the LeBeau raped a 16 year old girl, which NEVER happened.If it had, he would have gone to jail! Now, Binienda is trying to get the person she was arguing with , fired! It probably went over the top also when a Binienda supporter warned a LeBeau supporter that the clark report was going to come out.

Tax Payer Citizen

Binienda denied any knowledge of the rumors or their dissemination by his campaign, yet the Representative was previously quoted in the Telegram & Gazette saying, "All I know about LeBeau is that he was fired as a Spencer police officer. He knows what he was fired for."

Nuff said!

Stephen Quist

Again Lebeau being part and parcel of the teapartiers movement is what will finally do him in......as a teapartier lebeau does not reflect the values and integrity with which the 17th Worc Dist has become known for...........and to now throw out accusations weeks before election day clearly show a desperate act by a desperate teapartier.........
Everyone knows Lebeau was fired by the SPD and biendia has it right only lebeau knows why he was fired and those that fired him.......the actions speak very loudly.......no one gets fired from a police force just for the heck of it........character and interity is a casualty in this race by lebeau...............

Tax Payer Citizen

Typical Liberal, desperation sets in and you try name calling. LeBeau does not belong to any Tea Party group. If you think he was fired, you are as missguided as Binienda. Try educating yourself on the case first, then you won't be spreading the same lies as Binienda. If you even read this article, you will see that Binienda backed-off the fired comment that he made in the T&G. Go Local didn't let him get away with it and pointed it out.

Keep it coming Stephen, people will just read the truth and then see what kind of supporters Binienda has:)

Stephen Quist

t p citizen: another apologist for the teapartiers......nice try but won't float......and I'm sure lebeau just left the SPD under his own accord.......trying to defend the indefensible is the very act of desperation.......and why doesn't lebeau admit he is a teapartier or is he afraid of the electorate?
and finally @ tp citizen: unlike you I blog and post under my real name.....let the chips fall where they may but I have no problem at all being associated with my posts.......and you?......others can decide why you hide yourself......

Tax Payer Citizen

Read the atricles. The proof is there and you can't hide from it.

Stephen Quist

If lebeau is not a teapartier then why is he refusing to stand up and be counted and completely refute the tea party?
because if he did that he loses what little support he had to begin with...........until lebeau unequivocally refutes the teapartiers then he is part and parcel of that un-American group!
The only one 'hiding' tp citizen is you yourself that does not stand up for your own postings
have a great day!

Harry Huckum

Mr. Quist,

Please define what a tea partier is, cause I have heard Mr. LeBeau on the radio and read what he has to say in the paper and here and I think I might be a tea partier.

Can you tell me what they stand for please?

I am a old man and I don't watch that much TV cause my eyes are bad and so is my hearing. Thank god that the computer can magnify everything for me. I have never had that explained to me. Are they like the people that participated in the tea party in the Boston Harbor?



Stephen Quist

with all due respect, if lebeau wants to step up on his own two feet and clarify whether he is or not a teapartier member I would be willing to hear him out...........Harry what beliefs or political affliation you subscribe to are of no interest to me.......

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