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NEW: Moore Fires Back at Simonian: Calls Him “Deeply Out of Touch”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


State Senator Michael Moore

Democratic State Senator Michael Moore has shot back at Republican opponent Steve Simonian following the challenger's assertion that EBT cards should be more heavily regulated.

Sen. Moore agrees with Simonian that EBT cards should be regulated, and he says that is why he helped pass legislation to do just that.

“My opponent has consistently identified policy issues, including his own top priorities, that reflect a fundamental lack of research, understanding, and foresight," Sen. Moore said.

"I agree with my opponent in saying the citizens of the Second Worcester District deserve a Senator who is informed, active, and shares their values. However, it is quite clear that not only is my opponent deeply out of touch with my constituents, he hasn’t even taken the time to research and understand the policy items he has identified. Not only has virtually every single item on his priority list been addressed, but I’ve played a direct role in their passage."

Sen. Moore went on to say that he voted for a bipartisan measure to severely restrict the use of EBT cards just two months ago. He then attacked Simonian's position that EBT cards should be used only for food, saying that would hurt those that use it for public transportation or housing.

Sen. Moore also claimed that Simonian has done little to no research when hurling attacks, citing Simonian painting him as an anti-business legislator when he, in fact, voted for a reduction in the state income tax and a sales tax holiday to boost business.

"I'm happy that he supports these initatives and he should be supporting me," Moore said.

"His platform goes right along with what I've done and what I've been doing."


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Richard Parker

Simonian brings NOTHING to the table...no original ideas, nothing Senator Moore isn't already doing himself. It's almost like he didn't do ANY research on his so-called platform items, and just threw stuff out there. There's a huge difference between doing the job and getting results (Mike Moore) and lobbing grenades from the sidelines with no understanding of the issues (Simonian). This convinced me that Senator Moore is the right person to CONTINUE doing a good job.

Steven Bellhumer

Deeply out of Touch....

Mike Moore is collecting a Pension of almost 25,000 (courtesy taxpayer) While working as a lawmaker for almost $80,000 (again, taxpayer)

He must have saw something wrong with it, cause he did vote to pass pension reform... He voted to make it ILLEGAL for every teacher, firefighter, police officer and public employee from doing what he did.

Now, he says he did nothing wrong because at the time it wasn't against the law... Well MR.MOORE.... You and your friends write the law... Conveniant how it was made illegal, AFTER YOU FILED your paperwork...

Richard Parker

You mean the pension he paid into for 23 years? As a police officer?

By taking early retirement, he cut his pension in half. He could have easily included his time in the Legislature, and doubled his pension. Which one would you take? Half a pension, or a whole pension? Yeah, he went with half.

And he's working as a Senator without getting ANY retirement credit. How many other legislators can say that? He's capped his pension, can't earn any more, regardless of how long he's a legislator. A pretty bold move if you ask me.

Jody-Lynn Simonian

As a daughter of a single parent growing up in Worcester, my mother received what was then food stamps. Groceries were all that could be purchased. Moore states it "would hurt those that use it for public transportation or housing". What Senator Moore doesn't mention is that people are buying cigarettes, alcohol, gas and lottery tickets with OUR taxpayer dollars. I understand and feel for the people who legitimately use their EBT cards for what they should be used for. At least today it's a card and not a paper voucher to be embarrassed about.

Steven Bellhumer


So are you claiming MIKE MOORE DID the taxpayers a favor by taking a pension of $25,000 a year at the age of 44, PLUS a salary of $78,000....

Do you really think people are that stupid... Gosh I hope not,...

If Mike thought he was doing the taxpayers a favor, and really believe it's CHEAPER... then why did he vote to make it Illegal for all police officers, firefighters and teachers to do it in the future... and Call it REFORM...

This is Simonian's point... Mike votes on a pension Reform law that applies to everyone, but him, Claims by closing the very loophool he used, the taxpayer will save money...

Except in his own personal case.. IF he double dips, and collects a lifetime retirement Pension at AGE 44, plus a salary... He's actually saving the taxpayers money..

Another words, saves the taxpayers if mike double dips.. And saves the taxpayers money if It's illegal for everyone else to double dip..

Steven Bellhumer

I love how Mike claims to be pro-business because he voted for the Tax holiday..

Well he also voted to increase the Sales tax from 5-6.25%(40% increase), and CREATED a NEW TAX targeting the restaurants, resuling in a 60% increase...

But, one day a year, you don't have to pay it..

That's like Someone punching you in the face every day, but then claims to be your friend because he didn't beat you on your birthday...

Yeah Mike... Thanks for the gift...

Richard Parker

Actually Mr. Bellhumer, it's not just Mike that claims to be pro-business. It's the National Federal of Independent Business (NFIB), the Restaurant and Business Alliance, the Associated Industries of MA, the Retailers Association of MA, the Dunkin Donuts Franchise Owners Assocation of MA.....should I keep going? THEY are the ones calling Mike pro-business. Unless you think the largest small business trade organizations in both the state and the country don't know what they're talking about. And why?

Because he authored the "fair share" fix (saving small businesses thousands of dollars across the state), voted to freeze the Unemployment Insurance rate, developed a micro-lending program for small businesses to expand and add jobs, fought for small business health insurance relief, voted to fund veteran-owned small businesses, etc. Would you like me to keep going? I'd be happy to...

Richard Parker

Sorry Mrs. Simonian, but EBT card users can NOT use their cards for lottery, cigarettes, alcohol, tattoos, entertainment, etc. That's current law, passed over two months ago, and was extensively covered in most major papers. A simple Google search and you'd know that almost instantly. And who fought for these restrictions? Senator Mike Moore.

Richard Parker

Finally, some clarification on the pension issue: any public employee who seeks a retirement pension is free to pursue work after their retirement. That includes police, fire, teachers, etc. They just can't do it within their same occupation, as a public employee. And, after his law enforcement career was over, Senator Moore pursued public office...a decidely different career. He capped his pension, can't earn any more than what he receives now. I wonder if you'd do the same thing, knowing you could never earn any more in retirement, despite working in another job. Senator Moore made the right move, limited his pension instead of piling on, which he could have done.

Steven Bellhumer

The legislation will continue to eliminate abuses in the system with new reforms limiting the right to receive a pension while receiving compensation for service as an elected official, requiring elected officials to repay the full value of the pension they have received in order to rejoin the system. This is consistent with guidelines for all other state employees and allows retirement boards to require retirees convicted of a criminal offense related to their employment to repay benefits since the date of their offense, not just the date of their conviction.

Stephen Quist

Senator Moore is exactly the type of leadership we need up on Beacon Hill representing the best interests of Central Massachusetts.....
his opponent is an out and out teapartier and he's running away from being associated with the very group supporting him.......teaparty extremisim is anti-Americana nd so is simonian........

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