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NEW: U.S. Sen. Brown Issues Third Debate Challenge to Warren

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


The debate challenges keep coming fast and furious from U.S. Sen. Scott Brown. The Republican lawmaker has already accepted two radio debate offers and has thrown down the gauntlet to his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren. Now he is tossing out a third challenge, this time for a televised debate in September moderated by WBZ's Jon Keller.

Warren has not indicated yet whether she will accept Brown’s offer to debate. Her campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from GoLocalWorcester.

Brown has already signed on for two radio debates, one with WBZ Radio’s Dan Rea, the other with WTKK’s Jim Braude and columnist Margery Eagan. Brown’s campaign has called out Warren for not immediately agreeing to participate in the debates.

"Elections are fundamentally about differences on policy issues, and voters deserve to know where their candidates stand," said Brown. "I believe we should keep taxes low, rein in government debt and spending and implement pro-growth policies that will spur job creation and put people back to work. My opponent wants to raise taxes and increase spending, which will hurt jobs. That's why I am pleased to accept this TV debate offer so that Massachusetts voters will be able to see these differences for themselves."
Please return to GoLocalWorcester for any developments in the Brown-Warren campaign. You’ll read it here when and if Warren accepts Brown’s debate challenges.


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